Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 December 7th, 2022 Written Updates: The Devil Task

The pre-finale week of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 has started, and it’s going to be very interesting and exciting. There have been many cool and funny things that have happened in the house. Let’s see what happened today.

The Maze Game

The maze game is another task that Bigg Boss gave to the housemates. The goal of this maze game is to get something out of the maze. Adi Reddy and Rohith were two of the people who played this game. The housemates thought that Adi Reddy would win the task, and they were right. Adi Reddy won the game, and the prize money went up.

The Devil in the house

Just like in every other season, Bigg Boss showed the contestants a scary movie and then told them to go to the confession room and bring back some things. Adi Reddy didn’t go into the confession room. Srihan and Keerthi went in bravely and brought some things back to the house. The task will be done again tomorrow.

Vote for your favourite contestants again and again to help them get to the final round.

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