Confirmed Contestants and Host for Bigg Boss 8 Telugu

Bigg Boss Telugu stands out as the biggest reality show on Telugu television. The show enjoys a wide range of viewers, cutting across various age groups and preferences. Each year, viewers eagerly anticipate the show’s lineup, which includes small-screen celebrities, influencers, social media stars, singers, choreographers, and occasionally commoners. Here, we present the confirmed contestants for Bigg Boss 8 Telugu.

Confirmed Contestants and Host for Bigg Boss 8 Telugu

Bigg Boss 8 Telugu Contestants List

Here is the confirmed list of contestants for Bigg Boss 8 Telugu:

  1. Bumchick Babloo – YouTuber and Comedian
  2. Raj Tarun Actor
  3. Soniya Singh YouTuber and Actor
  4. Hema Actress
  5. Nethra Businesswoman
  6. Vamsi Businessman
  7. Potti Naresh Comedian
  8. Riyaaz Comedian
  9. Rithu Chowdhary Anchor
  10. Supritha – Actress
  11. Kirak RP – Comedian
  12. Kumary Aunty – Common Woman
  13. Barrelakka – YouTuber
  14. Khushitha Kallapu – Actress
  15. Bhullet Bhaskar – Comedian
  16. Amrutha Pranay – Influencer
  17. Ek Nadh and Harika – Serial Actors
  18. Raithu Badi Rajendar Reddy – YouTuber

Bigg Boss 8 Telugu Host

Akkineni Nagarjuna will continue as the host for Bigg Boss 8 Telugu. His charismatic presence has been a staple of the show, and fans are delighted to see him back. Nagarjuna’s experience and engaging hosting style contribute significantly to the show’s popularity, as he balances his role with a mix of sternness, encouragement, and humor.


Bigg Boss 8 Telugu promises to be an enthralling season with a diverse lineup of contestants from various backgrounds, including actors, comedians, influencers, and common people.

The new format,, featuring two houses, will add an extra layer of intrigue and excitement. With Akkineni Nagarjuna returning as the host, viewers can expect engaging and entertaining episodes. Stay tuned to see how these contestants navigate the complexities of the Bigg Boss house and who emerges as the winner. This season is set to be filled with drama, entertainment, and unexpected twists, keeping the audience glued to their screens.

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