Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 December 8th, 2022 Written Updates: The Task Continues

The next week of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 is almost here, and the housemates have to do some fun tasks to earn more money. Let’s look at some of the cool things that happened in the house.

Diffuse the bomb

The housemates had to pick three people to take part in this task. Revanth, Inaya, and Satya played the game, and the other housemates thought that Inaya would win the task. In this task, the people taking part have to stop the bomb from going off. Bigg Boss will show different wires on the LED screen. When Bigg Boss tells them to cut a wire, they have to do it right away. If they don’t cut it right, the bomb will go off.

In this task, Sri Satya won, and again, none of the other housemates could guess who had won.

Light up the Bigg Boss logo

In this task, Srihan and Sri Satya played a game in which they had to use the light bulbs to light up the Bigg Boss 6 logo first. Srihan won this game, and the money for the prize went up.

The Devil in the house

When Sri Satya didn’t get into the house, the other people in the house lost one lakh. Inaya came in after a while, and the segment was pretty funny. She was scared, but she got what she needed from the scary house and won the prize money. In the other game, Revanth bravely went into the room, took the cup out of the room, and won the money.

Vote for your favourite contestants again and again to help them get to the final round.

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