Mark Your Calendars: Bigg Boss Telugu Season 8 Start Date Revealed

The popular reality TV program Bigg Boss Telugu features competitors from different backgrounds living together in a specially built home that is cut off from the outside world. They engage in a variety of activities and challenges while continuously recording their interactions and behaviors. Every week, the audience votes to choose who stays in the house and who gets kicked out. Participants nominate each other for eviction.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 8 Start Date Revealed

However, Bigg Boss Telugu 8 will begin even earlier due to the enormous success of Bigg Boss 7 Telugu. Many Bigg Boss fans have been anxiously awaiting word on when Bigg Boss Telugu season 8 will premiere.

Bigg Boss Telugu 7 turned out to be the most prosperous season. Bigg Boss Telugu had the highest TRP of 21.7, as you are aware. While Bigg Boss Telugu 7 began a few days earlier, Telugu Bigg Boss seasons typically begin in the first week of September.

According to certain sources, the wait has ended. Pre-production is already moving quickly, and the Bigg Boss Telugu 8 team intends to launch the show in July 2024.

All of us who adore Bigg Boss will be happy to hear this news. Bigg Boss Telugu 8 will begin two months earlier than Bigg Boss Telugu 7, which began a few days earlier.

They believed that it was unfair to make the fans wait for the next season of Bigg Boss 7 Telugu for extended periods, given the show’s success. Bigg Boss Telugu 8 is starting two months later because of this.

This season of Bigg Boss Telugu 8, some unexpected celebs will appear. Bigg Boss Telugu 8 will be entirely different from the previous season in every way.

There was a notion that Bigg Boss Telugu 7 would be Nagarjuna’s final season hosting and that he wouldn’t return. But according to the sources, nothing has changed, and Nagarjuna will host Bigg Boss Telugu 8 as normal.

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