Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 December 6th, 2022 Written Updates: The task continues

The 14th week of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 has started, and this is a very important week for the housemates because their games and other things will determine who will go to the finale. There were a lot of interesting things going on in the house. Let’s look at them.

The Task Continues

After Sri Satya and Rohith’s task was done, the game was played by other housemates. Revanth, Keerthi, Inaya, Adi Reddy, and Srihan played the games together and on their own. Most of the housemates weren’t able to get the prize money for the finale to go up. Only Revanth and Inaya tried their hardest. Inaya lost the game, but Revanth won and got more money. The housemates will be given many more tasks like this one to increase the prize money.

Spooky Tales

After the lights went out, the housemates started talking about scary things that happened to them. As they talked, someone in the house laughed like a ghost, which scared the people there. They looked all over the house, but no one was there.

Again, they heard the laugh, and this time, everyone in the house ran into the bathroom and hid there for a while. Tomorrow will be the devil task, which will be funny, interesting, and scary all at the same time.

Vote for your favourite contestants again and again to help them get to the final week.

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