Bigg Boss 8 Telugu Host Revealed: Unveiling the Face Behind the Excitement

Without a doubt, Telugu bigg boss is really popular everywhere in the world. The biggest Telugu Bigg Boss followers are those who are from outside of India. Unexpectedly, Bigg Boss 7 Telugu turned into a huge hit. Nagarjuna hosted with success for three seasons, and then for seven. His charisma and conversational skills with the candidates won over the spectators.

Bigg Boss 8 Telugu Host Revealed Unveiling the Face Behind the

The much-awaited Bigg Boss 8 Telugu is now scheduled to premiere in July 2024, according to the sources. Although Bigg Boss 7 Telugu began airing in September, Bigg Boss 8 Telugu will commence two months sooner.

On the other hand, there were online whispers during Bigg Boss 7 Telugu that Nagarjuna’s tenure as host was coming to an end. Due to his obligations to his upcoming films, Nagarjuna has chosen to leave the Bigg Boss show.

There won’t be a change in Bigg Boss 8 Telugu hosting; Akkineni Nagarjuna will remain in that role. Despite his busy schedule filming various projects, he set aside dates for this season.

With Bigg Boss 7 Telugu’s enormous success, Nagarjuna increased his compensation, which had previously been set at around 15 crores.

But he’s going to dazzle us with more vigor, charm, and flair than before. Work on Bigg Boss 8 Telugu has already begun. The Bigg Boss 8 Telugu crew intends to create a home that is unlike any other.

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