Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Week 2 Nominated Contestants

BB6 Telugu Vote Poll Week 3 – Star Maa Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Voting

Bigg Boss Telugu is the biggest reality show which was originally based on the Dutch Big Brother show. After three successful seasons, Bigg Boss is back with yet another season. Yes, Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 has started on September 4 despite all the troubles that the organizers have faced due to the Corona Virus. In today’s post, I will explain to you the process of the Star Maa Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Vote Online Procedure. On the other hand, you can also vote Bigg boss Malayalam contestants as season 4 started.

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As you know BB6 Telugu aka Bigg Boss 6 Telugu is the Biggest Reality show in the television industry right now. Bigg Boss program will be aired in Star Maa from 10PM on weekdays and from 9:00 PM on the weekends. Bigg Boss Show also streams on the Hotstar app. Akkineni Nagarjuna is hosting the show for yet another season. Bigg Boss Telugu Season 1 was hosted by Junior NTR and Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 was hosted by Nani.

BB6 Telugu Vote Poll

Show NameBigg Boss Telugu Season 6
HostAkkineni Nagarjuna
Streaming PartnersHotstar, Star Maa
Voting MethodsHotstar Voting, Missed Call Voting
Voting ResultsClick here
Contestants ListClick here
Show Timings9:30 PM to 10:30 PM
Number of Days105
NominationsClick here

Many of you want to know how to vote for your favorite Bigg Boss Telugu contestants. Today we are going to explain to you three Bigg Boss Telugu Voting Methods

  • Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Online Voting
  • Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Hotstar Voting
  • Bigg Boss Telugu 6 Missed Call Voting

Star Maa Bigg Boss 6 Voting Online on Google

  • 1. Open your web browser and search for “Bigg Boss Telugu Vote” or “Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Voting” or “Bigg Boss Telugu 6 Vote Online Today“.
  • 2. Then below the search bar, you can see the Bigg Boss contestants who were nominated for that particular week.
  • 3. Click on the image of your favorite contestant and move the voting bar which is from 0-50 votes. You can give your votes as per your choice. Every day you get 50 votes, You can split the votes or give votes of 50 to one particular contestant.
  • 4. You should sign in with your Gmail and cast your Bigg boss 6 Telugu votes.
  • 5. After giving your votes just click the submit button and it’s done.

You can vote from Monday from 10:30 PM to Friday at 11:59 PM.

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Note: This Bigg boss 6 Telugu voting method was followed in Bigg Boss Telugu Season 1 and 2. But now it is discontinued and the Hotstar Voting method is introduced.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Hotstar Voting

Earlier, you can vote from google but now the voting procedure has changed. Now, bb6 telugu Google search voting has been removed and Hotstar Voting is introduced in the Hotstar App. Now you can not just watch the show on Hotstar, but you can also vote the contestants who are in nominations and save them from elimination.

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Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 Hotstar Voting

Let us see the step by step procedure to vote on Hotstar app.

  • Go to the Play store, search for Hotstar App, and download and install the app.
  • Open the App and signup with the Gmail account, social media quick login, or with your mobile number.
  • Search for “Bigg Boss 6 Telugu” or “Star Maa Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Voting” in the search bar. Click on the Bigg Boss Telugu Show which is airing on Star Maa.
  • Below the Video, You can see the VOTE  button which appears in Green color. Click on that VOTE button, you will see the nominated contestants.
  • Click on your favorite contestants whom you want to save from eliminations.
  • One can vote only 50 votes per day from a single Hotstar account. You can either split the votes to the nominated contestants or you can cast all the votes to only a single contestant whom you want to save.
  • That’s it. Your valuable vote is taken into consideration. You have now successfully voted Bigg boss Telugu 6 contestants.

BB6 Telugu Missed Call Voting

The next bb4 Telugu voting Method is the Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Missed Call Voting method. One can cast their vote by giving a Missed call to the number which is allocated to the Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Contestants.

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1. Open your dial pad.
2. Type the number of the contestant whom you want to save from the eviction from that particular week.
3. Dial it and give a missed call.
4. Done. Your vote has been successfully submitted.

This Missed call voting method is best suitable if you do not have an internet connection. Below is the table of the contestant’s name along with their allocated missed call numbers.

Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Missed Call Numbers

S.NoName of ParticipantNumber assigned
1Keerthi Bhat missed call number7288877601
2Sudeepa missed call number7288877602
3Srihan missed call number7288877603
4Neha missed call number7288877604
5Chanti missed call number7288877605
6Sri Satya missed call number7288877606
7Arjun missed call number7288877607
8Geetu missed call number7288877608
9Abhinaya missed call number7288877609
10Marina missed call number7288877610
11Rohit missed call number7288877610
12Bala Aditya missed call number7288877611
13Vasanthi missed call number7288877612
14Shaani missed call number7288877613
15Inaya missed call number7288877614
16RJ Surya missed call number7288877615
17Faima missed call number7288877616
18Adi Reddy missed call number7288877617
19Rajashekar missed call number7288877618
20Arohi Rao missed call number7288877619
21Revanth missed call number7288877620

Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Vote Poll Week 2

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BB6 Telugu Voting Missed Call Numbers

  • To vote Faima, Dial 7288877616
  • To vote Rajshekar, Dial 7288877618
  • To vote Revanth, Dial 7288877620
  • To vote Geethu, Dial 7288877608
  • To vote Adi Reddy, Dial 7288877617
  • To vote Marina and Rohit, Dial 7288877610
  • To vote Abhinaya, Dial 7288877609
  • To vote Shaani, Dial 7288877613

BB6 Telugu Vote Results

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Week 1

Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Week 1 Voting poll ended and nobody eliminated.

bb6 telugu week 1 voting results

Week 2


Karate Kalyani Eliminated

Karate Kalyani Eliminated from Bigg Boss Telugu in Week 2 eliminations. She was one of the contestant who is nominated out of 9 contestants. She stood last in the voting polls and she is evicted from the house because of the least votes.

karate kalyani eliminated bigg boss telugu elimination

Week 3

bigg boss 4 telugu week3 voting results

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Week 3 Voting poll ended. Mehaboob got the least votes in our poll, but Devi Nagavalli eliminated this week.

Devi Nagavalli Eliminated


Week 4

bb4 telugu week 4 voting result

BB 4 Telugu Week 4 Voting poll ended and the Bigg boss 4 Telugu vote results are out. Swathi Deekshith eliminated in the fourth week.

Swathi Deekshith Eliminated


Week 5


Jordar Sujatha got the least votes in the week 5 voting of star maa bigg boss official poll and she got eliminated.

Sujatha Eliminated

Sujatha Eliminated

Week 6


Kumar Sai eliminated from Bigg Boss House in Week 6. His elimination is shocking to all the audience because he was not standing at the bottom or having the least votes in any of the unofficial voting polls.

Kumar Sai Eliminated


BB4 Telugu Vote Result Week 7

BB4 Telugu Vote result week 7

Divi Vadthya eliminated from Bigg Boss House in Week 7. She played strong in the starting weeks but gradually her graph changed due to her weak performance.

Divi Eliminated


BB4 Telugu Vote Result Week 8


Elimination is cancelled in the 8th week because of Noel left the house due to heath issues.

BB4 Telugu Vote Result Week 9

amma rajashekar elimination

Amma Rajashekar eliminated in the 9th week.

BB4 Telugu Voting Result Week 10


Mehaboob eliminated from Bigg Boss House in Week 10. He played strong in the physical tasks but gradually his graph changed due to her selfish performance.

Mehaboob Eliminated


BB4 Telugu Voting Result Week 11


Lasya eliminated from Bigg Boss House in Week 11. She played the cooking role in the house tasks but cooking alone didn’t help Lasya to reach the Top 5.

Lasya Eliminated

lasya eliminated

BB4 Telugu Voting Result Week 12

Screenshot 2020 11 30 at 6.27.02 a.m.

No elimination in 12th week. Avinash used eviction free pass and saved.

BB4 Telugu Voting Result Week 13

Avinash eliminated in the 13th week eliminations.

BB4 Telugu Voting Result Week 14

Monal eliminated in the 14th week eliminations.

Bigg Boss Telugu Trending News

Do you Know?

Do you know that Surya Kiran is the ex-husband of Actress Kalyani? He is also the brother of Sujatha who is very well known for her serials.

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Voting Frequently asked Questions

  1. How to vote for Bigg Boss 4 Contestants?

    To Vote Bigg Boss Telugu Contestants, download the Hotstar app or give missed call to the nominated participants allotted numbers.

  2. How to vote bb4 Telugu?

    Search for Hotstar App in Google Play Store. Download the app and register your account with your email or phone number. Search for Bigg Boss Telugu in Hotstar App. Under the Bigg Boss Banner, you will see the VOTE NOW button. Click on it and register your vote.

  3. How to vote Bigg Boss Telugu contestants on google?

    You can not vote Bigg Boss Telugu Contestants on google now. This method was discontinued from season 3. Now you can vote your favorite participant using the Hotstar app.

  4. What are the missed call numbers of Bigg Boss 4 Contestants

    Monal Gajjar
    Surya Kiran
    Devi Nagavalli
    Syed Sohel
    Ariyana Glory
    Amma Rajashekar
    Karate Kalyani
    Noel Sean
    Divi Vadhtya
    Akhil Sarthak
    Wildcard Entry

  5. Who is the host of Bigg Boss Season 4 Telugu?

    Akkineni Nagarjuna is hosting the Bigg Boss show for the second time. He hosted the show for Season 3 of Bigg Boss Telugu.

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