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Watch Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Online

Watching a reality show is indeed a thrilling experience. Many of us don’t go except it but watching these reality shows are our guilty pleasures. Many types of reality shows are there; some involve singing, dancing, comedy, and many more things, which are meant for entertaining people. If you are searching how to Watch Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Online even if you are in the USA or UK or Europe where you can not watch from Hotstar APP. We covered everything in this article to watch Bigg boss Telugu from these regions.

Bigg Boss is an Indian reality show, and there are two versions Hindi and Telugu. This is a reality show inspired by the Dutch “Big Brothers” and is very popular among the masses. It is a show where a variety of well-known celebrities stay in a house for some period of time, and we can observe how they live together. 

bigg boss telugu season 6 voting featured image

Bigg Boss Telugu has broadcasted on STAR MAA, and the anchor Nagarjuna is the host, and there is a rule for all the contestants that everyone has to speak in Telugu when they are in the house and follow all the orders given by Bigg Boss. The nominations are done through a proper voting system. There are four seasons of the show. The person who has the largest number of votes wins the show and a cash reward.

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But unfortunately, you can not watch or live stream Bigg boss telugu season 4 show outside India, but that is why we will be telling you how to watch Bigg Boss Telugu 4 in the USA, Europe and the UK.You can watch it online using Virtual Private Network. This a very feasible way through which you can watch restricted content in your region. This is very easy to use service, you can download it, activate it, and start binge-watching.

Watch Bigg Boss 4 Telugu in the USA, UK and Europe

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Watch Bigg Boss Telugu Online

How to download VPN?

  1. You can download Virtual Private Network from either play store or app store from your device on the device where you want to watch the show.You can even sign up online for some Virtual Private Network service provider and download it.
  2. There are many types of Virtual Private Network some of them need you to sign up and make an account and some they even charge some subscription fees, there are many free one’s available too.
  3. After downloading and installing the app, launch the application and connect to the Virtual Private Network .
  4. Make sure the server you connect to is Indian, you can do this by going to settings and under server you can choose India.
  5. By doing this you will be allotted a temporary IP address from India and then you can access all the content from Idsia which is restricted in your region
  6. Open any of the suggested apps and you can start streaming.

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What are the benefits of using a VPN?

  1. You can access the content which is not available in your country from some other country.
  2. It helps you access blocked and restricted content in your region.
  3. It hides all of your browsing history from the local network provider and your internet service provider and hence you can have privacy.
  4. It is safe for downloading files and sometimes Virtual Private Network even protects the system from viruses.
  5. You can use any public wifi safety without the fear of compromising your personal information.
  6. It grants you a temporary IP-address of the region, which server you are using currently.

Streaming Apps to watch Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 episodes online

Watch Live and Replay Bigg Boss 4 Telugu on Hotstar App

We can watch the repeat telecast of Bigg Boss Telugu full episodes on Hotstar. Hotstar is an app in which you can watch many Indian and other TV shows, movies. We can even watch sports matches, news, and Hotstar original series. These have Indian regional channels also, and you can watch many local shows and movies on Hotstar. You will have to subscribe to Hotstar, and then you can enjoy a 1- month trial and many more shows.

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But there is a problem with Hotstar that does not show regional channels outside, but don’t worry; we have a solution for that.

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Use a Virtual Private Network which you have installed in your device, make sure the country is India. Then carry on with watching the Bigg Boss Telugu online on Hotstar with the latest episodes and seasons. You can even watch the previous seasons and shows.

Watch and Live Stream Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 on Voot App

Voot is a special app where you can watch most of the reality shows from the VOOT channel and other channels. But even VOOT requires a subscription for accessing all the episodes, and hence you can subscribe and then binge-watch all the episodes.

But VOOT does not work outside India. There are geographical restrictions. Hence you will have to use a Virtual Private Network and set the country as India, and then you can download the app for better accessibility.

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Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Full Episodes watch on YUPP TV App in USA

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This is Another amazing site for watching online Indian movies, shows, and series. It is allowed in some parts of the USA, and in some regions, you might have to use Virtual Private Network, do not give location access to the app while you are using the app. You all enjoy all Bigg Boss 4 telugu full episodes from there, and you can even watch other Telugu content.

Watch Bigg Boss Telugu Repeat Telecast Highlights on Youtube

You can watch summaries and might even find some episodes of the Bigg Boss on Youtube. There is a huge community of Indian creators on Youtube which post the episodes to many Telugu channels, including Bigg Boss. There are even strategic reviews on how the show is and the chances of a particular contestant to win the show.


We have suggested 4 of the best ways to watch the Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Live and Replay online. This is a very popular show and has a huge audience, and even some Indians who live abroad want to watch this show. 

This is a family show that everyone in the family can watch and learn a lot from these contestants on adjusting in the given conditions.

We have shown you various options to watch this show, but its prime requirement is the Virtual Private Network, which you can easily find from your mobile play store. Make sure to choose a good Virtual Private Network, which has a good rating as these can be frauds sometimes and can hack your personnel data. These are some things to take care of before you start binge-watching the thrilling episodes of Bigg Boss.

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  1. Telugu biggboss very entertaining and interesting to see biggboss, I hope to winner in this season 4 ABHIJEET , he is playing honestly, and he behaving very good human being

    1. In bigboss good human being is a not a positive point.
      Who are playing..
      In every day who are entertaining us is most that case I vote ariyana and sohel

  2. Sohel big entertainer ,so don’t eliminate.his Lough awesome,his allari aswesome.. in angry time only he will angry .normel time very kind heart such beautiful person with kind 5 lo unte biggboss midha nammakam unnattu ..ledha I will never see biggboss again.

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