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Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Voting

As you know, you have to vote to save any contestant. So Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Voting process is the same for this year as well. Keep reading to know how to vote Bigg Boss contestants to save them from elimination. After so much anticipation, it is officially announced that Season 4 of Bigg Boss Telugu is going to be started in August. Everyone thought that the most controversial show, Bigg Boss will be canceled this year due to COVID 19.

But the makers have decided to go ahead and conduct the show with the at-most precautions. The makers first decided to cancel the show this year, but due to demand and requests from the audience, they decided to take risks and continue Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Show.

Akkineni Nagarjuna appears as the host in Bigg Boss Telugu 4 whereas Jr. NTR hosted Bigg Boss Telugu Season 1 and Nani Hosted the Show in Season 2.

Nagarjuna is going to host the show for the second time after Bigg Boss 3. Last year the show was started on 21st July 2019 and ended on 3rd November 2019.  But this year the show will star in August and lasts only one and a half months due to the Corona crisis.



Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Process

As usual Bigg Boss Telugu Voting Poll is conducted every week to eliminate one contestant and the person with the least votes will be eliminated from the show. Hotstar has joined as a streaming partner as well as the official voting medium of Bigg Boss Show.

Now you can vote and Watch Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 on Hotstar App. Star Maa Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Results are announced by host, Akkineni Nagarjuna every week. Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4, the Biggest Reality show in Telugu airing on Star Maa television and also live stream on their streaming partner Hotstar App.

Bigg Boss Telugu Contestants are going to stay in the house for 50 days. The house is equipped with 64 cameras covering each and every corner. Unlike last season, this year only 12 Bigg Boss Telugu Contestants already went into the Bigg Boss house. In Bigg Boss Telugu season 3 we have seen 17 contestants with the most number of days any season has premiered.

Bigg Boss show is already a big hit in different languages. Telugu People are also very interested in watching the program. Bigg Boss Telugu show timings are as follows, show airs at 9:30 PM on Star Maa TV every weekdays and 9:00 PM on Weekends.

Here we are going to explain the Bigg Boss Telugu vote procedure step-by-step and give you all the necessary information like the contestant’s biography, missed call numbers allotted to each contestant, Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Hotstar Voting results, Google Unofficial Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Vote online Poll status, Star Maa Bigg Boss Vote Poll, Short Daily Episode Highlights, etc.

Bigg Boss Telugu Show Details

SeasonBigg Boss Telugu 4
Contestants ListClick here
Timing9:30 PM to 10:30 PM
No of Days105 Days
Streaming PartnersHotstar
Watch onStar Maa
GenreReality Show
Bigg Boss Telugu Vote ResultsClick here
Release DateAugust 2020
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How to vote Bigg Boss Telugu Contestants on Hotstar App?

This is the most asked question on the internet now. This year Bigg Boss Team introduced a new Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Method. Now you can vote your favorite contestant directly from Hotstar App. Follow the steps below to know Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Contestants Telugu Vote process from Hotstar App.

Hotstar is also the streaming partner for the Bigg Boss show. You don’t need to worry about Bigg Boss Telugu Hotstar voting method because I will be explaining the step by step process for the Bigg Boss Telugu Hotstar Vote mechanism.

Screengrab from Hotstar
  • First Download the Hotstar App from Google Play Store.
  • After Downloading the App Install the app on your mobile phone.
  • Sign up using your Google account/Gmail or mobile number.
  • Search for “BiggBoss Telugu Show” or “BiggBoss 4 Telugu Vote” or “Bigg Boss Telugu” on Hotstar
  • Click on the official Banner of the Show.
  • You will now see a line “Voting for today is now open” along with the VOTE button.
  • After clicking the vote button you will see the list of nominated contestants of that particular week.
  • To vote for your favorite contestant, tap on the photo, and submit your Bigg Boss Telugu voting.
  • Remember if you tap once, you can register one vote. Tap twice, register 2 votes.
  • You can register a maximum of 10 votes per day by tapping on the contestant photo on the Hotstar app.
  • You can split the 10 Bigg Boss Telugu votes to different participants or use a total of 10 votes to a single participant.

You can only vote 10 votes per day and overall 50 Bigg Boss Telugu votes per week through Hotstar voting and 50 votes through Missed call voting with a single account or a single number. Use different Google accounts or Gmail accounts or mobile numbers to vote more and see your favorite contestants as Bigg Boss Telugu TITLE WINNER.

This is the process to vote for your favorite contestant using the Hotstar app. Remember you need to sign up on the app using your mobile number or email to cast your votes. You can also check other Bigg Boss 3 Telugu Voting methods below if you are finding it difficult to vote from the Hotstar app.


Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Online Today

This was the most awaited option for the Bigg Boss fans and it was available now. It’s not a technical thing to vote your favorite contestant directly on google instead of giving calls for the assigned numbers. Here is the process in brief on how to vote your star on Google.

  • First of all search for “Google.co.in” from any browser.
  • Simply search for “Bigg Boss Telugu Vote” or “Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Vote” or “Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Voting” in Google or Click Here
  • Click on your favorite contestant.
  • You can increase the number up to 50 and you can only do 50 per day from a single Google Account.
  • Don’t Forget to submit the votes after voting the contestant.
  • Bigg Boss Telugu Votes which are Submitted before every Friday 12 AM are taken into count.

Confused? Here is the Complete Guide on Bigg Boss 4 Contestants Telugu Vote process with the Missed call number and Star MAA Hotstar Voting are Clearly explained.


Bigg Boss Telugu Missed Call Voting

Missed call voting also opened to register your vote for the favorite contestants. To Vote Bigg Boss Telugu Contestants follow this method if you do not have internet access. Do not forget this method. This method does not cost you anything. so to vote for your favorite Bigg Boss Telugu Contestant, just give a missed call to below mentioned mobile numbers.

Bigg Boss Telugu Missed Call Numbers List

S.NoName of ParticipantNumber assignedStatusWhich Week
1Monal Gajjar missed call number8886658201In the house
2Surya Kiran missed call number8886658202EliminatedWeek 1
3Lasya missed call number8886658203EliminatedWeek 11
4Abhijeet missed call number8886658204In the house
5Sujatha missed call number8886658205EliminatedWeek 5
6Mehaboob missed call number8886658206EliminatedWeek 10
7Devi Nagavalli missed call number8886658207EliminatedWeek 3
8Dhethadi Alekhya Harika missed call number8886658208In the house
9Syed Sohel missed call number8886658209In the house
10Ariyana Glory missed call number8886658210In the house
11Amma Rajashekar missed call number8886658211EliminateedWeek 9
12Karate Kalyani missed call number8886658212EliminatedWeek 2
13Noel Sean missed call number8886658213Left the houseWeek 8
14Divi Vadhtya missed call number8886658214EliminatedWeek 7
15Akhil Sarthak missed call number8886658215In the house
16Gangavva missed call number8886658216Left the house
17Sai Kumar(Wild Card Entry) missed call number8886658217EliminatedWeek 6
18Mukku Avinash(Wild Card Entry) missed call number8886658218In the house
19Swathi Deekshith(Wild Card Entry) missed call number8886658219EliminatedWeek 4

So far, we have seen three wild card entries in the last 2 weeks that is Kumar Sai, Jabbardasth Avinash aka Mukku Avinash, and Swathi Deekshith.

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Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Vote Poll

Bigg Boss Telugu Voting poll loads below. Please wait while it is loading. If you don’t see the poll, please unblock the ad blocker and try again. For the official Bigg boss 4 Telugu vote results today live score, we have to wait till Nagarjuna announces on the Bigg Boss stage. Thanks, everyone for participating in Big Boss Telugu 4 Voting Poll.

lasya eliminated

What do you think of Lasya Elimination episode? Please comment below.

Bigg Boss Telugu Week 12 Nomination Voting Poll Results

Share the Poll with friends.

To see Vote Results in Realtime follow us on Instagram.


Bigg Boss Telugu Voting results are here for the viewers to vote for their favorite contestants. Star Maa Bigg Boss Telugu Voting results of each contestant are shown in the voting poll status. Click on your favorite contestant whom you want to save from the eliminations. We explained clearly how to vote Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 Contestants through Hotstar app above. Be sure that this bigg boss telugu vote poll is unofficial.

Bigboss Telugu Votes polled here are not counted. You must cast your vote through Hotstar App or give a Missed call to the numbers given above to get your votes counted.

Sai Kumar Pampana, Mukku Avinash and Swathi Deekshith entered into big boss house as a wild card entry.


Bigg Boss Telugu Week 12 Voting Results Percentages

  • Monal: 47.00% (11842 votes)
  • Akhil: 23.39% (5893 votes)
  • Ariyana: 16.76% (4222 votes)
  • Avinash: 12.86% (3239 votes)

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Week 12 Nominated Contestants Missed Call Numbers

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 Contestants list

Check out list of Bigg Boss Telugu Contestants who are participating in Season 4.

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Contestants List

  • Monal Gajjar
  • Surya Kiran
  • Lasya Manjunath
  • Abhijeet
  • Sujatha
  • Mehaboob Dilse
  • Devi Nagavalli
  • Harika
  • Syed Sohel
  • Ariyana Glory
  • Amma Rajashekar
  • Karate Kalyani
  • Noel Sean
  • Divi Vadthya
  • Akhil Sarthak
  • Gangavva
  • Sai Kumar (Wild Card entry)
  • Mukku Avinash (Wild Card entry)
  • Swathi Deekshith (Wild Card entry)

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Results This Week

Nominated ContestantDay 1Day 2

Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Results this Week are announced by the host during the weekend episodes. If you are searching for Who got the highest votes in Bigg Boss Telugu season 4 for that particular week follow our blog. If you also want to know Star Maa Bigg Boss Telugu vote status like to know who got eliminated from Bigg Boss 4 Telugu vote results today visit our blog daily.

We will update the site with Bigg Boss Telugu nomination and elimination lists along with who eliminated that particular week. Bookmark our site to see bigg boss telugu vote results today live score first on internet. Remember Bigg boss Telugu elimination will take place based upon your votes.

Week 1

In the Week 1 bigg boss 4 vote telugu votings, Surya Kiran got eliminated from the Bigg boss house. Comedian Sai Kumar and Jabbardath Mukku Avinash entered as a wild card entry.

Week 2

Karate Kalyani eliminated in the second week of Bigg Boss Telugu S4 because of less bigg boss telugu vote count. Harika is Nominated by housemates to get eliminated, but later it turned to be a fake elimination.

Week 3

The voting poll is now ended for week 3 nominations and you can see the voting percentage below. Surprisingly Devi Nagavalli eliminated from the show. Devi Nagavalli Eliminated in the third week Bigg boss Telugu eliminations. She was one of the strong contestants, but we don’t know how did she got eliminated. The audience showed their anger on social media calls this as unfair elimination.

Week 4
bigg boss 4 telugu vote result

The above picture shows the voting percentages of the week 4 voting poll. By the end of the poll, Swathi Deekshith was standing with the least votes and she got eliminated in the fourth week. She entered Bigg Boss house last week as a wild card entry and evicted from the house so early. What’s your opinion on her elimination? comment below.

Nominated Contestant Voting Percentage Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5
Abhijeet 40.5 31.4% 28.2% 17.03% 23.14%
Lasya 9 12.2% 11.9% 12.87% 24.38%
Swathi Deekshith 10.8 10.1% 10.7% 13.05% 16.99%
Kumar Sai 12.9 13.4% 13.1% 14.62% 18.52%
Alekhya Harika 8.6 11.4% 12.4% 17.81% 17.16%
Syed Sohel 7.2 13.9% 12.3% 11.63% 16.06%
Mehaboob 11.1 9.9% 11.3% 12.99% 15.43%
Week 5

The above picture shows the bigg boss telugu vote percentages of the week 5 voting poll. Jordar Sujatha eliminated from Bigg Boss House in Week 5. Gangavva also left the house due to her health issues. Nagarjuna asked permission from Bigg Boss to send gangavva back to home. Bigg Boss gave permission to Gangavva to leave the house.

Nagarjuna garu also promised that the house which Gangavva is dreaming to build with the Bigg Boss money will be built by the team although she left the house in the midway.

Nominated Contestant Voting Percentage Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5
Abhijeet 41% 25.44% 28.26% 26.28% 20.02%
Akhil 23% 25.45% 23.22% 22.25% 20.25%
Amma Rajashekhar 6% 4.61% 6.74% 7.36% 8.41%
Ariyana 6% 6.98% 6.75% 7.21% 7.90%
Lasya 7% 7.02% 7.18% 7.68% 8.78%
Monal 5% 8.07% 7.07% 7.71% 8.66%
Noel 6% 6.73% 6.75% 7.09% 8.47%
Sohel 9% 10.89% 7.23% 7.22% 8.98%
Sujatha 2% 4.82% 6.79% 7.19% 8.53%
Week 6

The above picture shows the bigg boss telugu voting percentages of the week 6 voting poll. Kumar Sai eliminated from Bigg Boss House in Week 6. Although he got good votes in all the unofficial voting polls, he still got eliminated and we don’t know what’s happened behind the scenes.

Kumar Sai eliminated from Bigg Boss House in Week 6.

But fans showed their anger on social media calling Kumar sai elimination as unfair elimination. It is also heard from social media that, Monal got the least votes but the bigg boss team saved her to keep the flow of love track and maintain the TRP rating. We don’t know if it’s true or it is just propaganda.

Nominated Contestant Voting Percentage Day 1 Day 2 Day3 Day 4 Day 5
Abhijeet 35.4% 33.9% 30% 29% 28%
Akhil 14.9% 15.1% 15% 14% 13%
Kumar Sai 7.6% 7.3% 8% 8% 8%
Ariyana 7.5% 7% 8% 8% 8%
Divi 6.7% 6.4% 8% 8% 8%
Monal 6.7% 8% 9% 9% 9%
Noel 6.2% 6.4% 7% 8% 8%
Harika 6.9% 7.3% 8% 10% 10%
Lasya 8.1% 8.5% 8% 8% 9%
Week 7
Nominated Contestant Voting Percentage Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5
Abhijeet 39% 39% 37% 36% 34%
Ariyana 22% 20% 19% 18% 17%
Avinash 10% 11% 10% 10% 10%
Divi 7% 8% 9% 9% 15%
Monal 13% 14% 15% 15% 14%
Noel 9% 10% 10% 11% 10%

The above picture shows the bigg boss telugu voting percentages of the week 7 voting poll. Divi eliminated from Bigg Boss House in Week 7 votings. Netizens opine that her closeness with Amma Rajashekar is one of the main reason for her elimination.

Divi Vadthya eliminated from Bigg Boss House in Week 7.


Divi has got a seperate fan base ever since she entered Bigg Boss house. She was clear and played strong in the starting weeks. But from the last 2 weeks she lost her track in the game.

But anyhow she got a promise from actor Karthikeya that he will offer her any role in his film during the elimination episode.

Week 8
Nominated Contestant Voting Percentage Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5
Akhil 23.37% 23.55% 23.34% 22.23% 21.92%
Ariyana 20.98% 22.04% 21.10% 20.24% 19.77%
Lasya 22.95% 23.76% 23.34% 22.55% 21.79%
Mehaboob 9.14% 7.61% 7.28% 7.78% 8.91%
Monal 18.11% 16.39% 18.08% 17.98% 18.25%
Amma Rajashekar 5.44% 6.65% 6.86% 9.23% 9.36%

No one is eliminated in the Week 8 of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4. Noel has left the house due to health issues and he asked to cancel the elimination for the 8th week. Amma Rajashekar and Mehaboob was called to confession room. House mates are asked to vote the contestant who is not eligible to stay in the house. Most of the housemates voted for Amma Rajashekar not to stay in the house.

Nagarjuna asked to pack Rajashekar bags and then later revealed that there is no elimination this week as Noel asked the bigg boss team to call of the elimination.

Week 9
Nominated Contestant Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5
Abhijeet 40% 40% 39% 40% 40%
Monal 38% 32% 31% 30% 29%
Harika 9% 16% 18% 18% 18%
Avinash 6% 7% 7% 8% 8%
Amma Rajashekar 4% 2% 2% 2% 2%
week 9 bigg boss telugu vote results

The above picture shows the Bigg boss Telugu voting percentages of the week 9 voting poll. Amma Rajashekar eliminated from Bigg Boss House in Week 9 votings.

Amma Rajashekar eliminated from Bigg Boss House in Week 9.

amma rajashekar elimination
Week 10
Nominated Contestant Day 1 Day 5
Abhijeet 35% 33%
Monal 21% 18%
Harika 12% 10%
Ariyana 15% 22%
Sohel 10% 12%
Mehaboob 3% 3%

The above picture shows the Bigg boss Telugu voting percentages of the week 10 voting poll. Mehaboob Dil Se eliminated from Bigg Boss House in Week 10 votings.

Mehaboob Dil Se eliminated from Bigg Boss House in Week 9.

Week 11
Nominated Contestant Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5
Abhijeet 36% 32% 29% 26% 25%
Monal 12% 14% 15% 16% 16%
Harika 11% 12% 13% 14% 14%
Ariyana 12% 12% 14% 14% 14%
Sohel 14% 14% 14% 14% 14%
Lasya 11% 12% 13% 14% 14%

The above picture shows the Bigg boss Telugu voting percentages of the week 11 vote poll. Lasya eliminated from Bigg Boss House in Week 11 votings.

Lasya eliminated from Bigg Boss House in Week 11.

lasya eliminated

Bigg Boss Telugu Nominations Week by Week

Bigg boss 4 telugu contestants vote Nominations are held every week on Monday. Bigg Boss calls the contestants to confession room privately and asks them to nominate two persons whom they want to eliminate from the house or else Bigg Boss can go for open nominations. The nominations are held in the same manner every week.

From the nominated contestants, viewers should decide whom they want in the Bigg Boss house and whom they want out from the Bigg Boss house. Here is a clear Picture who nominated week-by-week.

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu voting poll starts from Monday 10:30 PM to Friday 11:59 PM. The audience can vote to their favorite contestants through Hotstar App or Missed Call. The contestant who gets fewer Bigg Boss Telugu votes from the nominated contestants will be eliminated from the Bigg Boss house.

The host of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 Akkineni Nagarjuna will announce the Bigg Boss 4 Telugu vote results on weekend Mostly on Sunday. Check out here to know who evicted from Bigg Boss house week-by-week.

Week 1

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 Week 1 Nominations

  • Abhijeet
  • Akhil Sarthak
  • Divi Vadthya
  • Gangavva
  • Mehaboob Dilse
  • Sujatha
  • Surya Kiran
Week 2

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 Week 2 Nominations

  • Abhijeet
  • Monal
  • Noel
  • Gangavva
  • Harika
  • Sai Kumar
  • Kalyani
  • Amma Rajasheker
  • Syed Sohel
Week 3

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 4 Week 3 Nominations

  • Devi Nagavalli (Nominated by Bigg Bomb by eliminated contestant Karate Kalyani.)
  • Lasya
  • Monal
  • Mehaboob
  • Harika
  • Kumar Sai
  • Ariyana
Week 4

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Week 4 Nominations:

  • Swathi Deekshith
  • Mehaboob
  • Kumar sai
  • Syed Sohel
  • Abijeet
  • Harika
  • Lasya
Week 5

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Week 5 Nominations:

  • Amma Rajashekar
  • Sujatha
  • Ariyana
  • Syed Sohel
  • Abijeet
  • Monal
  • Akhil
  • Noel
  • Lasya
Week 6

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Week 6 Nominations:

  • Mehaboob
  • Harika
  • Ariyana
  • Kumar Sai
  • Abijeet
  • Monal
  • Akhil
  • Noel
  • Divi
Week 7

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Week 7 Nominations:

  • Avinash
  • Ariyana
  • Abijeet
  • Monal
  • Noel
  • Divi
Week 8

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Week 8 Nominations:

bigg boss telugu vote week 8
  • Rajashekar
  • Ariyana
  • Mehaboob
  • Monal
  • Lasya
  • Akhil
Week 9
bb4 telugu vote poll week 9

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Week 9 Nominations:

  • Avinash
  • Amma Rajashekar
  • Abhijeet
  • Monal
  • Harika
Week 10

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Week 10 Nominations:

  • Abhijeet
  • Harika
  • Monal
  • Sohel
  • Ariyana
  • Mehaboob
Week 11

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Week 11 Nominations:

  • Abhijeet
  • Harika
  • Monal
  • Sohel
  • Ariyana
  • Lasya
Week 12

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Week 12 Nominations:

  • Akhil
  • Avinash
  • Monal
  • Ariyana
Bigg Boss 4 Telugu House Captains
Week 1No Captain
Week 2Lasya
Week 3Noel
Week 4Gangavva
Week 5Kumar
Week 6Sohel
Week 7Noel
Week 8Avinash
Week 9Ariyana
Week 10Rajashekar (Eliminated in the middle), Mehaboob – Incharge Captain
Week 11Akhil
Week 12Harika
Bigg Boss Telugu Frequently asked Questions

Bigg Boss Telugu News

Latest Bigg boss Telugu Updates

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710 thoughts on “Bigg Boss”

  1. With today’s episode , it is clear that both abhijeeth and harika want to see akhil gets eliminated from house.

    Akhil god is there ,believe in your self . blessing of your mother is there .
    Achieving success with hard work is real achievement .

    Always with emotions avinash is escaping from nominations. No doubt is good quality comedian but choose rt path men .

    Abhijeeth and harika fears about Akhil bcoz he one of the strong contestants for title winner bb4.
    They are really playing a strategic game. But expressing something out to get people favour.

    Big boss

    It’s really a worth learning lesson for viewers

  2. With today’s episode , it is clear that both abhijeeth and harika want to see akhil gets eliminated from house.

    Akhil god is there ,believe in your self . blessing of your mother is there .
    Achieving success with hard work is real achievement .

    Always with emotions avinash is escaping from nominations. No doubt is good quality comedian but choose rt path men .

  3. Please support your fan by spreading positivity about them but not by crtisizing other contestants.We shouldn’t judge their efforts because we are just seeing edited version of 24 hours footage . Eliminate ayina contestants kuda chepparu kuda vallu 1 hr ki edit chesi konni matram chupistaru manaki. Akkada emindo crct ga only aa contestants nd bb team ke telusu.Edina game varake personal ga vellatam crct kadu .

    And coming to akhil and abhi fight ….valla madhya issues monal valla kadu ani already chepparu nag sir episode lo and vallaki eppatinundo padatledu asalu ….chinna miscommunication valla start ayindi adi ala continue avtune undi….vallu kaluddam ankunna bb iche tasks valla avvatledu situation ki taggattu untundi…hope so game ayipoyaka clear cheskunte may be vallu manchi frnds avtaru….And coming to abhi and monal….akkada sohel clear chesadu tanu, akhil,abhi,mehboob discuss chestunnapudu….. monal ninnu manipulator anna vishyam cheppinapudu aa discussion ma madhya ayindani neeku telsa leda mehboob cheppaka telsinda ani….abhi tanu only nannu manipulator anna ana vishyame cheppindi annad
    ru it means monal akkada persons name reveal cheyledu
    ( tanu nrml ga as a Frnd ga cheppindi….even manam ayina mana frnd ni ala evrina bad ga ankunte cheptam kada danibatti vallu edina wrng unte change cheskuntaru ani…..It’s my opinion) eppudu negative ga aalochiste negative ga ne kanipistayi positive way lo chudandi frst…

    Asalu abhi feel ayindi aa mata monal annanduku antey bt danne cunning ani ,ikkada vishyalu akkada cheptundi ani chala troll chesesaru…..vallu enta sort cheskundam ankunna aa tasks vallana surrounding ppl vallana avvatamledu so vadilesaru inka……nijanga monal cunning prsn aythe anta efforts pettadhu kada patch up avvataniki….tanu intention veru akkada misunderstandings ye avtunnayi ekkuvga. …
    And inka valla madhya em issues ayyayo manaki teleedu anni telecast cheyaru kada…
    And even akhil ni use cheskundi annaru really?nijanga use nd throw aythe akhil vellinappudu midnyt varaku kurchuni edavadu tanu akhil ki emina plus avtadani aalochinchindi antey coz elimination contestants chetilo undadu anta unfair ga cheyaru bb that too oka strong contestant ni…..nd ippudu kuda tanu sort out cheskovtanike try chestundi….
    House lo andaru tanani target chesi lonely ga feel ayina days kuda unnayi….tanu weak antaru bt she is strong prove cheskovtaniki tanaki chances takkuva vachayi antey…..flipper flipper antunnaru bt she’s not flipper la convey chestunnaru ..nd kondaru moodswings ani annaru em cheppalo teliyaka nominations lo chinnadanni highlight chesaru ….tana vishyamlo chinna chinnavatini pedha issue la chesaru ….really oka tym lo aythe torture la feel ayye stage ki teesukocharu

  4. Tell us the reson …..why monal was swiped with harika…..Why did those who swipe like that put the game ….. Where is the power to swipe her who won the game as the winner of One Week of Thee ….. What is going wrong in the Bigg Boss show …

  5. Sandhya Pulapati

    I think swap the contestant is 100% not correct …Monal should be saved and eliminate Haryana ….she thinks and projects herself grt but she is good for nothing simply meaningless fights and shouts like a mad so iiritating contestant in house

  6. Harika took the correct decision that time. What she told about the Monal and Soel is absolutely correct. Harika felt that Abhijit is more deserved person in the house to stay and even most of the audience also felt the same as he is getting best voting percentage. Harikha will be in top 5 for sure.

  7. Harika is gratitude less and she wants Monal to go away as she is getting closer to Abhijeet . But Monal is nice though she nominated helped her in captaincy task and so kind to her , today episode also she is not giving Abhi and Monal space to talk each other, if my instinct correct next week Harika is out, she is cunning cunning cunning , Abhi 5.10 inches and she is not even 4.10 and her family wants Abhi as SIL, WTF , she is waste , think people

  8. sohel is a perfect balanced in the bigg boss house…… akhil and abhijith both are meaning less discussions.. my vote for sohel… all the best sohel

  9. 5 th day voting chuponchara me estamm vachinatu pamichesthara payiki matharamm janamm dicede chesthara yavaru vundalo velipovalo ani edhava big boss

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