Bigg Boss Season 6 Telugu 12th October 2022 Written Updates: Sacrifice Games

After the first day of the task, which was very emotional, Srihan was able to control himself and only take the food in the house. When Sudeepa talked to her husband, she got emotional, and Adi Reddy had some good times with his wife and kids. The house was also a lot of fun today. There were some fun times, sacrifices, hard work on the tasks, and sad times. Let’s find out what happened today in the house.

Bala Aditya’s Sacrifice

Geethu was called into the confession room by Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss said that there is only 5% of the battery left. So she can’t make a choice. Bigg Boss gave her two ways to raise the percentage of battery life. The housemates have to give up sugar until Bigg Boss tells them to stop. If they do this, the percentage of the battery will go up to 70%. Bala Aditya could also stop smoking for the whole season. If he does that, the battery percentage will go up to 90%.

Geethu left the confession room and talked to the other people living in the house. Bala Aditya gave up his cigarettes, and the percentage of the battery went up. Then Bigg Boss called Geethu into the confession room again and gave her three choices: a video of her cat playing, a phone call with her father, or a piece of cat hair.

Geethu then decided to talk to her father. When her father called, she was happy, and after the call ended, she had some fun.

Arjun’s emotional video

Arjun chose to watch a video of his father. When Arjun’s dad said that he missed him around the house. Arjun started to feel very sad. The video was short, and the housemates asked to watch it again and again. Bigg Boss didn’t listen to it, though.

The video call between Satya and her parents

Satya chose to talk to her parents via video call. When Satya talked to her parents, she felt very sad. She told her father, “I’ve never told you this before, but I love you so much.”

As the battery percentage went down, Bigg Boss gave Faima a task that she did her best at, giving the other housemates hope that they could spend some time with their families.

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