Bigg boss Telugu Season 6 October 13th 2022 Written Updates: Rohit’s Ultimate Sacrifice.

The Bigg Boss house is going through some hard feelings and making some sacrifices right now. Yesterday, we saw contestants talking to their families and getting a little teary-eyed. The same thing happened in the house again today. Let’s check it out in detail.

Rohit has been chosen for two weeks

As Bala approached, Aditya decided to talk to his wife. The game ended when the battery percentage went down to zero. To get the percentage of the battery back up. Bigg Boss gave the housemates a hard choice. Who should be nominated directly for the next two weeks? Rohith or Vasanthi. Rohith chose to be nominated for the two weeks without debating or doing anything else, and the battery percentage went up to 100%.

Even though he gave up that time to let the other people in the house talk to their families. Rohith and Marina’s plan to surprise someone didn’t work out. This was terrible for them, because Raj had used up the whole battery, and Bigg Boss had to stop the game.

At the captaincy contenders game, there were injuries

Before that, Revanth got a picture of his wife as a gift, Surya got a handwritten letter, Faima talked to her mother, Vasanthi got a picture frame from the house, Arjun talked to his family, and Keerthi got a voicemail from Manas, who used to be on Bigg Boss.

Then Bigg Boss decided that since everyone in the house had given their all, it was time for him to leave. He gave everyone a chance to be in the running for captain. There were two groups in the house. There were some basket balls in the middle. Whoever picks up the balls and puts them in a box with their names on it becomes a candidate for captaincy.

Adi Reddy, Vasanthi, Surya, Arjun, Rohith, Revanth, Satya, and Raj all play in this game. During this game, many of the housemates got hurt, and Bigg Boss told them they shouldn’t be so rough.

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