Bigg Boss Season 6 Telugu 11th October 2022 Written Updates: The Emotional Battery Charging

After the heated nominations debate in the house. Bigg Boss had a fun task planned for the captaincy candidates in the house. The job had to do with a lot of feelings and other things in the house. Let’s find out what happened today in the house.

The job of charging the battery

Bigg Boss set up a task for the captaincy contenders called “battery recharge.” There are both emotional and strategic parts to the task. As part of the process, 100% battery will be given to each housemate. Then they will be called in one by one to the confession room.

Then Bigg Boss will show things like an audio call, a video call, food, and a t-shirt from home on the screen. If they say no to any of the options, the whole house will have to deal with the results. The housemates have to pick one option, and in exchange, the percentage of battery will go down. To get the percentage of battery to go up, you have to do the tasks. If the housemates break any of the rules, the percentage of battery will go down.

Srihan was the first one to enter the room. On the screen, he saw different choices. He said he wasn’t interested in anything from the house. Then, Bigg Boss told him that if he didn’t choose one of the options, there would be consequences.

Srihan chose food that was 15% more expensive. Sudeepa chose an audio call, which used up 30% of the battery, while Adi Reddy chose a video call, which used up 40%. Revanth and Geethu broke the rules in the house, so Bigg Boss took 10% from their batteries.

The task is very hard, and no one can blame anyone else for the choices they make because it all has to do with their families. Bigg Boss will punish those who break the rules and lower the battery percentage.

We’ll keep working on the task tomorrow and see what happens in the house.

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