Bigg Boss Season 6 Telugu 10th October 2022 Written Update: Adi Reddy Vs Couple.

10th October 2022 Bigg Boss Season 6 Telugu Written Update: Couple vs. Adi Reddy

After the Sunday funday episode was over, the nomination process made things a little more serious in the house. There have been some interesting talks and arguments between the people living in the house. Let’s see what went on at home today.

Nominations of foam

As part of the nomination process, Bigg Boss had the housemates rub foam from a plate on the face of the contestant they wanted to nominate. Revanth can’t be chosen because he is the captain of the house.

  • Revanth nominated baladitya and sudeepa
  • Keerthi nominated geethu and sri satya
  • Adi reddy nominated marina and keerthi
  • Rohith nominated srihan and adi reddy
  • Sudeepa nominated adi reddy and keerthi
  • Srihan nominated geethu and raj
  • Vasanthi nominated geethu and adireddy
  • Baladitya nominated geethu and raj
  • Surya nominated geethu and adireddy
  • Faima nominated sudeepa and baladitya
  • Inaya nominated srihan and keerthi
  • Raj nominated geethu and baladitya
  • Marina nominated keerthi and adireddy
  • Geethu nominated raj and keerthi
  • Arjun nominated keerthi and adi reddy
  • Satya nominated keerthi and adi reddy

Adi Reddy and the couple got into a heated fight

While Marina was nominating Adi Reddy, he said that both the husband and wife were after him because he had only nominated one of them. Adi Reddy lost his temper and said, “We’re all playing the game together!” Rohith talked in a calm way about his point to defend his wife. But Adi Reddy lost his temper, and the two of them got into a fight that almost got so bad that the other people in the house had to stop them.

This week, Bala Aditya, Geethu, Sudeepa, Keerthi, Marina, Raj, Srihan, Sri Satya, and Adi Reddy are all in the running to win.

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