Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 November 23rd, 2022 Written Updates: Family Reunion Continues

The 12th week of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 has started, and this is also the family week. Yesterday, Raj’s mother, Faima’s mother, and Adi Reddy’s wife and daughter came to the house. Things will be more interesting and funny today. Let’s find out what happened today in the house.

BB School Keeps Going

In the task for today, Raj got to teach the students how to sing. The part was very funny and also very interesting. The housemates have made the task fun, and we hope it goes on until the weekend so that we can all have some good entertainment in the house.

Rohith’s Mother in the house

Before Rohith’s mother came in, Faima’s mother came in and kept everyone entertained. Both Keerthi and Satya were very sad. Then Rohith’s mother, who is a very nice person, came into the house. Rohith turned into a baby when he saw his mother and hung out with her in the house for a while. She fed everyone with her hands and danced and sang with the other people in the house.

Satya’s parents in the house

The parents of Satya came into the house. When Satya saw her parents, she felt very sad. They talked about how she played in the house. Satya’s father talked to Keerthi, which was the nicest thing he did. He told her that she is also their daughter and that she can always stay with them. Only from their house can she go to shoots. That was a really nice thing for Satya’s parents to do.

Siri and Chotu in the house

Siri and Chotu shocked Srihan when they came into the house. She had a great time with the other housemates, and she also gave Srihan advice on how to play the game and what he should do next for the next week.

Tomorrow, some new people will move into the house, which will be hard for the people already living there.

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