Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 November 22nd, 2022 Written Updates: Family meet begins

The sixth season of Bigg Boss Telugu is now in its second week. Yesterday, the silent nominations took place. Bigg Boss gave the housemates an interesting task to do today. There were some sad times in the house as well. Let’s see what’s going on in the house today.

Bigg Boss School

This week’s task is the BB School. In this task, Faima is the English teacher, Adi Reddy is the dance teacher, and the others are students. As the task went on, the students said a lot of funny and interesting one-liners. The people living in the house were having a great time.

In the house were Adi Reddy’s wife and daughter.

Adi Reddy’s wife and daughter were the first family members to come into the house. Adi Reddy got a real lift from this. When he saw his wife and daughter, he was very happy. Everyone talked to her and asked what was going on with the game. Then Bigg Boss sent in a birthday cake for Adi Reddy’s daughter, whose birthday he wanted to celebrate in the house. Bigg Boss made his wish come true. Seeing that made Revanth feel very sad.

Faima’s mom was at house

Faima’s mother walked into the house, and when Faima saw her mother, she felt very sad. She was very nice to everyone in the house and told them to play the game nicely. She also told them that she was proud of her daughter. When Keerthi saw how close Faima and her mother were, it made her feel very sad.

Raj’s mom was there

While Raj was doing the task, his mother came into the house, which made him feel sad. The other people in the house asked her how they played. She just told them that they were all playing the game well and wished them luck with their upcoming movies.

Tomorrow, many more family members will come to the house, which will be an emotional time for the housemates.

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