Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Episode 2 Day 1 Highlights

The first day of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 was great, but there were already a lot of problems in the house. Every contestant is usually different from the other ones. But Geetu’s noise in the house has bothered everyone in the house and people outside the house. Let’s look at what went on inside the house.

All of the contestants danced to a local song to start off the show. Everyone was impressed by Abhinaya Sree’s dance moves in this show. After that, Geetu made a fuss in the bathroom about someone’s hair. She said that she won’t pull the hair in the bathroom even if Bigg Boss tells her to. She argued with the Inaya Sultana over and over again.

During this talk, Adireddy said, “If there’s anything wrong with taking it, I don’t see it.” He will start taking it out tomorrow. In the meantime, Baladitya gave Geetu advice about this matter.

The House’s First Task.

Faima got a letter with her first task, which was to divide the house into three groups: mass, trash, and class. The class category will have special rights and can do any work, including using the VIP balcony. The contestants in each class will have the chance to become captains right away and not have to wait for nominations.

All of the work that the other contestants tell the trash members to do should be done by them. They can only cook and eat in the garden, and they can’t be captain contestants, so they’ll be picked right away. The people in the mass are just regular people, and they won’t get special treatment.

In the house, people voted. Balaaditya, Srihan, and Surya were the people in the class who competed. Revanth, Geetu, and Inaya Sultana were the contestants who were the worst.

Switch Klaus for the person who isn’t very good.

Swap Klaus was brought into the house, and this is also the first task for the house. Adi Reddy and Inaya stepped forward to play the game of coconut bonds. AdiReddy won the game with little trouble and joined the class. But Inaya was sad that she couldn’t do the job, and Abhinaya told her to keep going.

Not garbage… Say Proud Things

Bigg Boss called Inaya into the confession room and told her they had a small task where the trash members would talk about the people they wanted to make proud or who thought they were good people.

Inaya Sultana got sad when she talked about her father. After hearing her story, Keerthy Bhatt felt sad and gave her a hug. Geethu and Revanth, on the other hand, couldn’t agree on what to say next. When Geethu saw Inaya crying, he was scared. She went to the bathroom and kept talking about how Revanth is different and thinking about him.

Revanth talked about his past, and he said that he is here at the Bigg Boss house because his parents were good to him and because people helped him.

Geethu said that people noticed her when she was doing review videos. They saw that she was good at what she did, and she soon became a star. She thanked her fans for being there for her. On Day 1, that was the end of the sad and classy part of the house. We’ll have to wait and see what happens in the house tomorrow.

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