Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Episode 3 Day 2 Highlights

The second day in the Bigg Boss 6 Telugu house went well. There weren’t many fights, but there were a lot of conversations. The person who was the most upset in the house was Inaya Sultana. Revanth seems too sure of himself in the house, and he says that he will never be voted out.

While this is going on, Arohi tells her friends that Revanth said she spends too much time with Surya, which is why she is trying to talk to everyone else. After Revanth told him this, Arjun tried to give him some advice. He said that if Revanth keeps acting like this, he will become bad. But Revanth said that people will get rid of him if he is not real.

Chance to switch from class to trash.

Bigg Boss gave a chance to change to trash class. Each group should hold a vote to choose a member. Already in the trash were Inaya, Geethu, and Revanth. So, Geethu won the vote, and Bala Aditya was sent to the trash. Abhinaya, on the other hand, failed the task, so she went into trash, while Revanth went into mass.

Neha and Inaya also took part in the Roll Baby Boll task. Neha won the task and went into the class team, while Inaya stayed in the trash team alone. She didn’t feel like anyone in the house was there for her.


Bigg Boss said that the task is over and that Inaya, Abhinaya, and Baladitya have been chosen to go home. But the process is not yet finished. After that, Marina and Rohit got into a small fight in the bathroom area. She said that he is not paying attention to her.

Geethu, on the other hand, was very bossy when she joined the class team. She kept telling everyone what to do, and some people didn’t like her attitude. Now we have to wait and see what happens in tomorrow’s episode, since the nominations process will start all over again then.

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