{20th September 2019} Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 Episode 62: Day 61 Highlights

Bigg Boss house is now filled with the Family members of the contestants. One of the family members of each contestant enters into Bigg Boss house to visit their loved ones in the house. Bigg Boss gives them some boxes and tells them to open one by one. If they get Bigg Boss Telugu logo(one eye) they enter into next level. The others who get joker, they just say want they wanted to tell to their contestant and leave from there. The five members who get Bigg Boss logo will go to the next level and Bigg Boss asks them to discuss for 30 min that which contestant is apt for the first two positions. They literally argue with each other but cannot decide themselves. So Bigg Boss gives another five boxes and asks them to take one and open it. Vithika’s brother and Ravi’s uncle get Bigg Boss Telugu eye logo. Rest of the three wish their contestant and leave from there.


Shiva Jyothi conveys thankfulness to his brother in front of the camera and tells that she will fight and be stronger.

Bigg Boss calls Ravi to the confession room. His uncle will be sitting there and Ravi gets emotional seeing his uncle. Ravi’s uncle tells him what he wanted to convey and Bigg Boss asks Ravi to leave. Then Bigg Boss calls Vithika to confession room where his brother will be waiting for her. Vithika cries seeing his brother and they talk to each other. Bigg Boss asks her to leave as time is up.

Bigg Boss gives contestants to do a task called break the myth. In this task, Bigg Boss divides contestants into two groups. Boys are one group and girls are another group. Bigg Boss gives some task to boys and some task to girls.

For boys:
Boys are given to crying by remembering some moments in their life. Failed
Boys are given to do multi-tasking work like folding the blankets and clothes and also asked to do 5 omelettes. Passed
For girls:
Girls are given 10 minutes of time to get ready. Passed
Girls will be asked 10 questions from which they need to answer only 6. Failed.

Sreemukhi, Baba Bhaskar and Ravi discuss the Vithika’s decision in nominating Himaja.

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Promo of Episode 63:

Who will be eliminated this week? Mahesh? Himaja? Rahul?

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