{19th September 2019} Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 Episode 61: Day 60 Highlights

Bigg Boss asks housemates to select one best professor and one best student in the crazy college task. Lecturers baba, Varun, Vithika chose Mahesh as the best student and the students selected baba as the best lecturer of the task. Bigg Boss announces Baba and Mahesh will be performing for captaincy.

Punarnavi, Vithika and Varun discuss Sree Mukhi and Ravi. Himaja joins them in between adding a word. They think that Shiva Jyothi cried because of Baba and then also she named Baba Bhaskar. Himaja says about Sree that she wouldn’t have mentioned reason it is like manipulating others. She would have just told a name and that’s it. Punarnavi raises about Ravi and says that he changed his decision, first he said Varun’s name and then he told Baba. Punarnavi also passes a statement about Ravi that HE IS A CUNNING FOX. While these people were discussing, Ravi enters and Punarnavi says some proverb. Ravi goes and says something to Sreemukhi and Shiva Jyothi. 


Captaincy Task in the Bigg Boss House:

Bigg Boss captaincy task for this week begins. Captaincy task is named as campaigning is a weapon. Baba and Mahesh will be competing for this task. All the Bigg Boss 3 Telugu housemates are given garlands excepts Mahesh and Baba. Mahesh and Baba should do campaigning for themselves to support them for becoming a captain by putting garland on their neck. Which of the contestant has more garlands when end buzzer rings they will become the captain for the whole week.

Mahesh and Baba start campaigning by going to each and every contestant and ask them to support. Baba says that he doesn’t want to become the captain but if in case he wins he will surely make changes not like before. Mahesh asks everyone to support him as he doesn’t become captain anytime and this was his first time. He goes to contestants who didn’t become captain till now and tells them that he will support when it was their turn. Finally, Mahesh gets more garlands and becomes captain of the house.

In the morning, Sree Mukhi tells baba that she lost her cup. Baba takes that chance and says that everyone in the house is angry with her. Sreemukhi doesn’t understand the reason and she asks him. Baba says something and leaves.

Bigg Boss Telugu housemates receive luxury budget by playing dumb charades. Captain Mahesh should answer and everyone tries to say that answers in a different way. Rahul opens up his words with Ravi about task did in the nominations. 

Family members of Bigg Boss Contestants
One of the family members or friends of all the contestants will come into the Bigg Boss House. Bigg Boss makes them stand and ask them to take one box from the number of boxes. Meanwhile, contestants become emotional seeing their loved ones on Television. Bigg Boss asked them to open the boxes one by one and five of them who receives Bigg Boss logo(one eye) will go to the next level. Only two of the beloved ones of the contestants will have the chance to get into the house and meet their dear ones. Vithika’s family member gets one eye and Mahesh sister gets joker.
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Promo of Episode 62:

Sreemukhi’s brother tries to open up the box.

Audience response:

Bigg Boss show: serial is far better than this show. Everyone is overreacting and became like Shiva Jyothi.

  • Vithika: By seeing other contestants she is acting like she is crying.
  • Varun, Baba, Mahesh, Rahul,Himaja are the persons who felt surprised, happy and smiling seeing their family members.
  • Sreemukhi, Shiva Jyothi and Ravi are surprised, over reacting and rolling their tears down.
  • Punarnavi seems happy seeing his brother with little tears in her eyes.

Viral statement:

Punarnavi called Ravi as CUNNING FOX.
రవిని జిత్తులమారి నక్క అని చెప్పిన పునర్ణవి

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