{21th September 2019} Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 Episode 63: Day 62 Highlights

Nagarjuna shows Friday’s episode on Mana TV. Rahul, Punarnavi, Varun, Vithika, Himaja have some discussion. Rahul was asked to say who is the strong contestant in the house by Varun and Punarnavi. Rahul says Shiva Jyothi’s name. Punarnavi explains the plan strategy of Rahul and Sreemukhi. Vithika and Rahul have some hot discussion.

Bigg Boss gave oppo task to the Bigg Boss Telugu contestants by dividing the contestants into five pairs. Bigg Boss arranged crazy photo booth in the activity area where the lighting will be low.  Bigg Boss Telugu contestants should use oppo Reno phone and use the special features and properties to take pictures.

Sreemukhi teases Shiva Jyothi and Himaja also starts teasing Shiva Jyothi on the same point without knowing. Shiva Jyothi tries to control her emotion.

Bigg Boss shows the photos they have taken and declares the best photos. Ravi gets best ultra dark mode picture and Punarnavi gets best 20x zoom picture. Bigg Boss sends photo frames of those pictures to Ravi and Punarnavi.

Bigg Boss sends clothes to Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 contestants through Max fashion. Each pair goes to the activity area and chose the clothes and gets ready for the weekend episode. Captain Mahesh gives Vithika as best and most stylish woman and Varun Sandesh as best and most stylish man.

Nagarjuna interacts with Bigg Boss Telugu housemates. Bigg Boss host ask housemates what he wants to ask and housemates gave their explanation.

Housemates were disappointed that they missed the chance to meet their family members so Bigg Boss sent some photos. The housemates can pass their messages by looking at those photos.

Rahul2527s Fake Elimination 1

Rahul gets eliminated this week and it was a fake elimination.  Rahul was sent to a secret room.

Promo of Episode 64:

 Who is going to eliminate from Mahesh and Himaja?

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