{18th September 2019} Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 Episode 60: Day 59 Highlights

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 Episode 60: Day 59 Highlights

Bigg Boss 3 Telugu latest episode highlights are here. Shiva Jyothi cries because of Baba Bhaskar because he asked her about getting too much attachment with the housemate whom she wants. Shiva Jyothi didn’t expect that Baba Bhaskar would ask her like that even after knowing about her everything. Shiva Jyothi have some conversation with Rahul and then Baba joins and Rahul gives some space for them to open up. Baba explains everything and apologizes her. Himaja and Ravi also involve in the conversation and everything gets sorted out.

In the morning, Rahul and Baba discuss Himaja. Rahul says that Himaja doesn’t want to sacrifice her clothes and makeup but she cannot say NO on Mahesh’s face so made drama in front of cameras that she is sacrificing. He also informs Baba that it was told by Vithika. Baba gives Rahul an answer to confirm it whether it is right or wrong.

When Ravi was there, Varun comes and ask Baba who has performed well in the class or task. Baba gives Rahul, Ravi, Mahesh and Himaja names. Varun says ok Rahul and Ravi performed well. Meanwhile, Rahul asks Vithika to say her opinion that who will be eliminated this week. She says Himaja or Mahesh. Ravi passes the information which Varun came and spoke with Baba to Sree Mukhi and Shiva Jyothi. Ravi says that Varun is trying to feed Rahul’s name in mind of Baba by stressing Rahul’s name.

Bigg Boss Luxury Budget task goes to the next level. Varun conducts exam to the students and gives marks accordingly. Varun gives 5 stars to all the students except SreeMukhi and Rahul as they did not write the exam well. Vithika calls each housemate and asks them questions to answer. Vithika calls Punarnavi and Rahul to give an explanation on their gossip. Then she calls Himaja and Mahesh to give an explanation on their gossip about the thing happened during nominations.

Bigg Boss gives the Loveology exam in a different way. Vithika and Baba should conduct Rexona Love Chemistry exam to the students. The male contestant should select one female contestant and propose her. Best proposal pair is selected from other pairs who have performed the task. Rexona T-shirt is given as a gift by Winner(Male) to Winner(Female). The best proposal pair should perform the task wearing that t-shirt.

Ravi-Sree Mukhi
Shiva Jyothi-Mahesh


Himaja and Rahul will become the best proposal pair and perform a dance which is very entertaining.

Audience Response:

Vithika: Dangerous lady in the Bigg Boss House.
Himaja: Some of them say cunning and some of them say that Bigg Boss is also targeting her. Most of them believe that she didn’t give her things and nominated Mahesh.
Rahul: Mosambi Raja…Good as usual. Himaja and Rahul were entertaining today.
Shiva Jyothi: Pathala Ganga. Doesn’t stop her flow.
Varun: Genuine.
Ravi: Sree Mukhi and Shiva Jyothi’s Chamcha. Taking all the matters into the ears to both the ladies.
Baba: Good and tried to convey what he wanted to tell to Shiva Jyothi.
Mahesh: Silent and ok in the tasks.
Punarnavi: Seen jealousy when Himaja and Rahul were dancing. Overreacting, Hyper girl.

Sree Mukhi: Cunning, Jealousy on Himaja, Influencing Baba, Overacting. After Ali, She replaced Ali’s place with Ravi

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Promo of Episode 61:

Housemates are emotional seeing their one of the family members on TV.

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