{17th September 2019} Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 Episode 59: Day 58 Highlights

Bigg Boss 3 Telugu Nominations for Week 9 continues in the Bigg Boss house in today’s episode. Himaja gets saved when Varun did the task for her. Later Bigg Boss calls Ravi Krishna and directly nominates him. In order to get saved, Shiva Jyothi should cut her hair till neck length. She accepts to cut her hair and does the task for Ravi and saves him from nominations. Bigg Boss calls Rahul Sipligunj and directly nominates him and informs him that if Punarnavi accepts to self-nominate her for the whole season except this week then Rahul is saved from nominations. Punarnavi accepts to self nominate her for the whole season but Rahul doesn’t want her to get nominated for whole Bigg Boss Season 3 Telugu. After the discussion between Rahul and Punarnavi, Rahul goes to nominations and saves Punarnavi from nominating her whole season. Vithika is the captain of the house, so Bigg Boss gives her a chance to nominate one person, she chooses Himaja and nominates her. This way nomination process ends for week 9.

A heated argument between Punarnavi and Varun. Varun says that when a person put a painful permanent tattoo it is simple for me to be in the dung tub. But Punarnavi says that whom we are sacrificing or doing is also important. Varun says that every time Punarnavi shows some attitude if he saves Himaja. Himaja too feels like she doesn’t understand why Punarnavi shows more negativity on me. Meanwhile, Sree Mukhi has some discussion with Baba Bhaskar about Shiva Jyothi that she is more dependent on others.

Luxury Budget Task

Bigg Boss gives a task called Crazy College in which Baba Bhaskar is the Loveology lecturer, Vithika Sheru is the Gossipology lecturer and Varun Sandesh is the Chillology lecturer. First Baba Bhaskar comes and teaches about love. Then Vithika as Gossipology lecturer comes and teaches how to gossip. Later Varun as Chillology lecturer comes to teach how to be chill all the time.


Baba Bhaskar again comes as Loveology lecturer and indirectly share some story about Shiva Jyothi and ask her to answer. He conveys that he or everyone doesn’t want to build too much relationship with anyone because when the elimination comes she could not take that and is in emotion. That emotional thing by Shiva Jyothi is bringing all the housemates down in pain. Shiva Jyothi gives some explanation and cries after that.

Promo of Day 59:

Shiva Jyothi cries because of Baba Bhaskar and says that what he said was not a funny thing. Baba also conveys that he didn’t particularly tell the things.

Audience Response:  

Baba Bhaskar: He is getting influenced by Sree Mukhi. He is slowly removing his mask and showing his cunningness.
Sree Mukhi: She is keeping Baba Bhaskar under her control and back-biting.
Mahesh Vitta: He is not actively participating in any of the tasks.
Ravi Krishna: Good at heart. But not knowing his original character.
Shiva Jyothi: Emotional. Strong contestant but showing favouritism.
Himaja: Independent. Cunning sometimes. Actively participating in the tasks.
Vithika: Demanding and dominating. Vithika nominated Himaja there is a waste of time in Varun being in dung tub for so long with Vithika’s decision.
Varun: Good and sacrificing.
Punarnavi: Attitude and hyper. Good today that she has come to self- nominate her for Rahul.
Rahul Sipligunj: Good. He is trying hard in the tasks.

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