Bigg Boss 3 Telugu Week 9 Nominations list- Vote Poll Online live Results

Bigg Boss 3 Telugu Nominations for week 9 begins today. A telephone booth was placed in the garden area. When the telephone rings Bigg Boss Telugu Contestants should pick up the phone and talk. Bigg Boss directly nominates contestants and give them a chance to save themselves with some conditions.

In order to get saved

  • Baba Bhaskar should clean shave for Sreemukhi. Baba Bhaskar clean shaves his face saves Sree Mukhi from nominations.
  • Rahul should drink 20 glasses of bitter gourd juice for Punarnavi. Rahul drinks 20 glasses of bitter gourd juice and saves Punarnavi from Nominations.
  • Sreemukhi should put permanent Bigg Boss logo which is one eye on her body to save Varun. She does that and saves Varun from Nominations.
  • Himaja should put her all clothes and makeup kit of her in the storeroom to save Mahesh. She accepts to do that but even after captain checking out everything Bigg Boss announces that some of them are left and not everything was kept in the storeroom. So Mahesh gets Nominated.
  • Ravi should put all his shoes in the red paint to save Baba Bhaskar. He does that and saves Baba Bhaskar from Nominations.
  • Mahesh should apply red colour on his hair to save Shiva Jyothi. He does and saves Shiva Jyothi from nominations.
  • Varun should sleep in the tub which is filled with dung in order to save Himaja. He goes into the dung tub and saves Himaja from Nominations.
  • Shiva Jyothi should cut her hair till shoulders to save Ravi from nominations. She does and Ravi gets saved.
  • Punarnavi should self nominate her completely to save Rahul from nominations this week. Punarnavi will be ok with that but Rahul might self nominate him instead of that.
  • Vithika is the captain so she will not be in the nominations. Bigg Boss might ask her to nominate one person.

Most of them sacrificed. Mahesh, Himaja, Rahul Sipligunj has come into nominations this week.


Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Poll Results

Check out Bigg Boss 3 Telugu Voting Process to vote the contestants whom you want to save from elimination.

Audience response

Baba Bhaskar: After the wakeup song has been played Baba said that he will not shave no matter what. Audience question was How did he know that he is going to get that task?
The attitude of Baba towards asking Ravi to do the task was not good.

Sreemukhi: Did she really put a permanent tattoo on her hand?
The audience is on fire with Sreemukhi for passing statements like that she had a history with Shilpa which is not true as stated by Shilpa in an interview.

Punarnavi: Shown attitude in asking Rahul to do the task.

Varun: Good person. He did the task for Himaja was super. Some negative comments on him like the dung smell was really that bad that he felt like vomit.

He might not have done if Sree Mukhi was in Shivajyothi’s place. Mahesh discussed to nominate Shiva Jyothi but when the time has come, Why did he save Shiva Jyothi when he discussed to nominate her?

Himaja: More negative comments than positive on Himaja. Most of them say that she is cunning. She did not want to save Mahesh so she didn’t sacrifice her things totally. She has two faces, one side she says Varun to stop and another side she told to sleep fully in the dung.

Shiva Jyothi: The statement Shiva Jyothi passed didn’t like by the audience. Shiva Jyothi told that she will sacrifice if she is not in the nominations. And she also says that she does the task if it was to save Ravi and Himaja only.

Ravi: Good person. He sacrificed all his shoes for baba.

Rahul: Super. He drank 20 glasses of bitter gourd juice to save Punarnavi which none can do.

Vithika: Everyone thought Vithika cried because of Varun is placed in the dung tub but the reality is that she cried because she fell down. Everyone is laughing at her.

Bigg Boss: Bigg Boss gave simple tasks that one can easily sacrifice. More importantly Bigg Boss should have given the task to those who are anti to each other.

Bigg Boss Editor: Promos are late and short.


Bigg Boss gives Luxury Budget Task named as the Crazy College where Baba is the Loveology lecturer, Vithika is the Gossipology lecturer and Varun is the Chillology lecturer.

Promo on 21st August 2019:

 Double elimination this week. One contestant will be eliminated on Saturday and one is eliminated on Sunday. Rahul is shown eliminated this week. 

Audience Response:

Shocked to see Rahul eliminating this week as he gets the highest number of votes than other contestants. Audience opinion: Rahul might be kept in the secret room like Mumaith Khan in Bigg Boss Telugu Season 1.

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