{7th August 2019} Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 Episode 18: Day 17 Highlights

Recap of Episode 17:

Captaincy task was given to the Bigg Boss Contestants.
In the latest episode, Bigg Boss Housemates continues with the given task for the captaincy by the Bigg Boss. Ravi Krishna, Ashu Reddy and Sree Mukhi are thieves in the task. Shiva Jyothi and Baba Bhaskar who are police officers in the task put two thieves Ravi Krishna and Ashu in the jail. When Mahesh Vitta and Sree Mukhi are in conversation with each other, Rahul interferes and Sree Mukhi gets offended. Rahul and Sree Mukhi shout on each other.

Clever Move by Sree Mukhi:

Sree Mukhi cleverly plans and rob the money from Varun. Sree Mukhi has some serious conversation with the Varun in the garden area. Varun kept his money on the shirt-pocket. While conversating, Sree Mukhi grabs that money and throw it in the box which gave for thieves. That was seriously a clever move by Sree Mukhi.
Rohini, Tamanna, Vithika, Ali, Rahul, Mahesh, Varun locked Sree Mukhi and forced her to give money. After struggling hard, Sree Mukhi accepts to give money to them. 
Ashu compromise to give Rs. 2000/- and ask her to release. Sree Mukhi and Ashu together plays the game and Ravi is still in jail. 
In the morning, when Himaja comes to drink water, Ali and Vithika ask to pay Rs. 100/- Himaja ignores to pay and drinks the water. For the second time, Himaja again drinks water, while song is playing, Ali kept her hand in Himaja’s pant pocket and takes the money while taking the money Himaja tries herself and kicks Ali with her leg twice. Himaja did not liked the way Ali behaved with her. She says that he would have given some time to give money. The issue goes on and Himaja emotionally say sorry to Ali and falls on Ali’s feet. 
Mahesh Vitta gives an idea to thieves Sree Mukhi and Ashu to take the jewellery in the chest box by breaking the glass. Ashu and Sree Mukhi plans out accordingly. Sree Mukhi ties some cloth to her hand and takes the dumbell from the Gym and goes to the living area where chest box is placed. She informs the housemates to be aware and she says that she is going to break the glass. She hits the chest box with dumbell and everyone got alerted. Meanwhile Ravi hits the glass with the head eventhough Sree Mukhi tells Ravi to hit with the dumbell. Ravi gets hurt. Housemates gets angry with the act Sree Mukhi and Ravi did. Vithika and Varun together goes into bedroom and hide the money and jewellery. While Vithika was hiding the money and jewellery, Varun says Vithika that Ravi got hurt very badly. But Vithika says first give the money and later goes into the living room and starts crying. 
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Promo of Episode 19:

Bigg Boss nominates Sree Mukhi for violating the Bigg Boss rules.

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