{6th August 2019} Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 Episode 17: Day 16 Highlights

Recap of Episode 16:

Nominations are finished by the Bigg Boss Telugu Contestants.
The nominations in the Bigg Boss House affected the house harmony. Punarnavi hurts for Baba Bhaskar nominating her and also offended because she has been in the nominations for the three consecutive weeks. Tamanna also gets offended by Ravi Krishna nominating her. As she thought Ravi Krishna and Tamanna were friends and Ravi Krishna won’t nominate her. But Ravi Krishna played genuinely and nominated her with valid reasons. As Tamanna was hurt inside she started to provoke Ravi by her words. Things went wrong, Everyone in the house tried convincing Tamanna but she didn’t listen. She used vulgar language but then Ravi controlled himself and stood with patience. Arguments went between Shiva Jyothi and Tamanna. As Tamanna passed a statement that “Journalism is an acting”. Shiva Jyothi started arguing with her. Rift between Rahul and Tamanna.

Captaincy Task in the Bigg Boss House:

Bigg Boss gives captaincy task called “Dongalunnaru Jagratha” in the village named “Thikamakapuram”. Tamanna and Varun play a role as “Vuri Peddalu”. Ali and Punarnavi are a couple in the village. Rahul and Mahesh are brothers. Rohini and Vithika are sisters. There is a police station in the village and Baba Bhaskar plays a role as Lazy policeman and Shiva Jyothi as strict constable. Himaja is a lawyer who looks for the work. Sri Mukhi, Ashu Reddy, Ravi Krishna play a role as a thief who escaped from jail and entered into the village. Thieves can steal kitchen items, clothes or whichever they want to steal. Thieves work is to steal or rob and police duty is to arrest and put them in jail. Lawyer duty is to make some money from thieves and help them to get the release from jail. Thieves are given a trunk box to store the items. Special jewellery and money are placed in the living area and thieves should rob those things. Every housemate is given some money to use.


Every Housemate plans and gets ready with the costumes given for them.

Police catch one of the thieves Sree Mukhi and tries to put the thief in jail. Sree Mukhi compromises with the cops and pays them Rs. 2000/-.

Let us see how the task is going to be in the coming episodes.

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Promo of Episode 18:

Sree Mukhi broke the glass with dumble and mess created in the Bigg Boss House.

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