{10th August 2019} Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 Episode 21: Day 20 Highlights

Recap of Episode 20:

Ali and Punarnavi get immunity by completing a secret task.

Bigg Boss Housemates Interaction with Bigg Boss Host

Bigg Boss host Akkineni Nagarjuna is back on this Saturday. He telecasts what happened in the Bigg Boss House on Friday. The day starts with the wakeup song. Mahesh, Sree Mukhi, Tamannah, Baba Bhaskar have some fun conversation. Breakfast was prepared by wearing T-shirts and Aprons of double horse Minapagullu. Rahul and Vithika talk about Sree Mukhi. Baba Bhaskar and Sree Mukhi have some conversation watching Tamannah going into the swimming pool with saree. Vithika and Varun have some miscommunication and then calm down.
Nagarjuna is on fire with the behaviour of the Bigg Boss Contestants. Nagarjuna calls Ali forward and makes him do 21 situps for the worst behaviour with Himaja. He says that “You have dress sense but you do not have common sense”. Nagarjuna seriously explains what was Ali’s mistake and supports Himaja. He says “If any man touches a woman without the permission of her would definitely kick him even it is Bigg Boss house or outside”.

Next Nagarjuna moves to Tamanna, At first, he praises Tamanna for taking a stand for Himaja and Ali’s issue. After the issue is closed he says that Tamanna did completely wrong with Ravi. Nagarjuna then raises issue happened with Shiva Jyothi as Tamanna used a statement that “Journalism is acting”. First Tamanna says that she did not say Journalism is acting then Nagarjuna plays video of that particular issue. Tamannah then accepts her mistake. Shiva Jyothi gets offended by that statement and seriously warns not to say like that to Tamanna in the video. Nagarjuna raises this issue and says that what Tamanna spoke is absolutely wrong. Tamanna then accepts that she did wrong. 
Then moves on to Ravi Krishna and says that we are heroes in the industry but we should not perform these type of task in real life. Nagarjuna also asks Ravi about his patience and says not to break the rules in the Bigg Boss house. Ravi accepts his mistake and says sorry.
Nagarjuna appreciates Vithika about this issue for taking care and concern of Ravi at first. Every housemate applauds her. But then he plays the video of the incident happened and how Vithika reacted to the issue. After the clip, Nagarjuna questions her about her care and concern towards Ravi before, She was shown that she is more concerned about the money and jewellery rather than Ravi.
Sree Mukhi was the main person who broke the glass first, Every housemate falls on Sree Mukhi for making the big issue happened. Rahul used some vulgar words on Sree Mukhi. Nagarjuna warned him not to use falthu words again. Sree Mukhi gets offended for Rahul calling him falthu and also criticize her profession. Nagarjuna told Rahul to apologize Sree Mukhi. Rahul did it with an attitude then again with a respect.

Mahesh explained his plan with Nagarjuna. Baba bhaskar was questioned for being an eldest person in the house why he is not taking concern towards the contestants. Punarnavi was called selfish person by Nagarjuna.

Nagarjuna Plays Balloon game with the housemates. Each balloon was placed at the back of two housemates and they need to go to the store room, pickup what is there for them, come back and place it on the table in the living room. Rahul and Sree Mukhi, Ali and Himaja, Punarnavi and Baba Bhaskar, Mahesh and Varun, Vithika and Shiva Jyothi, Ravi and Tamanna, Rohini and Ashu were the pairs given to play the game.

Promo of Episode 22:

Who is going out from the Bigg Boss house from these Five Contestants? Rahul? Punarnavi? Baba Bhaskar? Vithika? Tamanna?

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