{11th August 2019} Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 Episode 22: Day 21 Highlights

Recap of Episode 21:

Bigg Boss host Akkineni Nagarjuna interacts with the Bigg Boss Contestants.

Sunday is a Funday:

Nagarjuna, Bigg Boss Host, plays a game called “Ankitham Neeke Ankitham” with the Bigg Boss Contestants. Nagarjuna calls each contestant and asks them to pick their envelope. The envelope contains a song slip and the particular contestant who picks the envelope should dedicate the song written in the envelope to anyone in the Bigg Boss Contestants.

Bigg Boss Contestants
Song Name
Movie Name
Dedicated Person
Sree Mukhi
Pantham Pantham
Rahul Sipligunj
Shiva Jyothi
Na Autograph
Ali Reza
Baba Bhaskar
Okka Magadu
Tamanna Simhadri
O sakkanoga
Ravi Krishna
Nuv whistleste
Baba Bhaskar
Varun Sandesh
Kannullo Nee Roopame
Ninne Pelladatha
Vithika, Rahul
Rahul Sipligunj
Choopultho Guchi Guchi
Ashu Reddy
Govinda Govinda
Ravi Krishna
Travelling Soldier
Ali Reza
Donga Donga
Devi Putrudu
Baba Bhaskar
Nalo Nenu Lene Lenu
Avnu Valliddaru Istapaddaru
Shiva Jyothi
Ali Reza
Nee Dookudu
Ravi Krishna
Magallu Otti Mayagalle
Ravi Krishna
Mahesh Vitta
Amma Brahma Devudo
Govinda Govinda


Nagarjuna reveals the first contestant who is in the safe zone. The first contestant who gets saved from the eliminations is Rahul Sipligunj. Ashu does Dubsmash in the Bigg Boss house for the first time as Nagarjuna asked her to do. Nagarjuna reveals the second housemate who is in the safe zone and i.e. Punarnavi.

Nagarjuna calls special guest Vennala Kishore on the stage. Manmadhudu-2 trailer is launched and it is shown to the Bigg Boss Contestants. Vennela Kishore talks to each Bigg Boss Contestants.

Vennala Kishore says

Mahesh slept when Sree Mukhi and Punarnavi are talking to each other and He conveys that Sleeping is also an art.

Sree Mukhi has a huge fan following in his house.

Vennala Kishore liked When Himaja genuinely said that she doesn’t want Ali and Punarnavi’s presence in the Bigg Boss house.

Rahul Sipligunj is being called “Pulihora Recipe” by the audience.

Punarnavi to be the same as usual.

Varun Sandesh not to push his wife when she comes close.

Vithika is doing good and rocking and she is lucky to have a caring husband.

Tamanna‘s interview is superb. He says to continue the interviews and in a funny statement called Talimpu with Tamanna like Koffee with Karan.

Baba Bhaskar is called Therapist.

Ravi Krishna a good person and soft-hearted. He appreciates that he has good patience.

Ashu has a good smile and tells her to perform tasks as well.

Rohini is a genuine contestant.

Shiva Jyothi is called as “Pathala Ganga”. Appreciate her hard work.

Ali Reza‘s Telugu speaking is good.

Vennela Kishore says an English dialogue which is in Manmadhudu-2. Then Nagarjuna reveals the third contestant who is in a safe zone and i.e Baba Bhaskar. Then Nagarjuna reveals the contestant who is going to eliminate from Bigg Boss House and i.e Tamanna Simhadri.


Tamanna comes from the Bigg Boss house and is with the Nagarjuna on stage. Bigg Boss Host shows her the pictures of all the housemates one by one and asks her to tell what she feels about them. She conveys everything she feels to the housemates. Then she will be out from the Bigg Boss House.

Promo of Day 22:

Nominations of the Bigg Boss housemates in the Bigg Boss House.

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