Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 December 3rd, 2022 Written Updates: A Surprise For Revanth

Another week of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 is over, and the Saturday episode is here. Nagarjuna brought the show to life with his amazing dance. Let’s check out what else happened in the house that was interesting.

Srihan-The Ticket to finale winner

Revanth and Srihan have played their last game to see who will go to the final. In this game, they have to do battle ropes. The winner of the game is the person who doesn’t drop the battle ropes and keeps making the wave motion until the end. Srihan and Revanth fought hard, and Adi Reddy kept telling them that if someone stopped their waves, they would be out.

Revanth suddenly let go of the ropes and got mad at Adi Reddy because Srihan had already stopped the waves twice, but Adi Reddy hadn’t done anything. There were a lot of fights in the house, but in the end, Srihan was chosen as the winner of the ticket to the finale race.

Regret week

Then Nagarjuna talked to the other housemates and talked about the ticket to finale and other things. After that, there was a wheel with different weeks written on it. Nagarjuna asked the other people in the house to pick a week they were sorry about. Housemates chose their weeks and talked about different things they wished they hadn’t done.

Best Captain and Worst Captain

Then Nagarjuna asked the other people in the house to choose the best captain and the worst captain. The people in the house had different thoughts about the captains. In the end, Inaya got the most votes as the best captain, while Adi Reddy got the most votes as the worst captain of the house.

A Surprise for Revanth

Then Bigg Boss video called Revanth’s wife, and when Revanth saw his little daughter, he was very happy. He told her that he was sorry he had to be there with her, but that everything that was going on in their lives was for the best. Then he sang both the mother and the daughter a song. That was a happy way for the episode to end.

Tomorrow, there will only be one winner. Word on the street is that Faima was kicked out of the house.

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