Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 December 2nd, 2022 Written Updates: The Top 3 for the ticket to finale

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 is getting better as the season winds down because the tasks to get to the finale are getting harder and the housemates are doing their best to win the tasks no matter what. Let’s find out what happened today in the house.

A Clash to decide the top 3 in the house

Adi Reddy, Revanth, and Srihan were in the top positions. Bigg Boss then asked the housemates to choose the top 3 people from the house to take part in the race for the ticket to the finale. Bigg Boss was always telling the housemates to pick a contender, which the housemates did not like. The people in the house argued with each other, and everyone wanted to play the game. Then Bigg Boss told Inaya, Satya, and Keerthi to pick the top 3 for the game.

Then they chose Adi Reddy, Revanth, and Srihan to play the game. It was clear that the other housemates did not agree with the decision. Rohith, Adi Reddy, and others yelled at them that this was the worst decision of the season. The decision was made, and the three had to do something hard to move on.

The toughest battle for the finale task

In this game, the housemates were given different games to play. They have to run around the circle and pop a balloon. Then they have to jump into the pool and get balls from the bottom. Then they have to pedal a bike and throw rings at a target. Whoever does the task quickly and well will be one of the two people who move on to the final round. All three of them fought hard, but in the end, Adi Reddy was the one who was kicked out of the game. Revanth and Srihan are going to play the last game. Faima and Keerthi were sad because they didn’t get the chance they deserved.

Let’s see what happens tomorrow in the house and who wins the ticket to the finale.

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