Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 December 4th, 2022 Written Updates: Faima is Eliminated

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 starts on Sunday. Funday has come, and there have been a lot of interesting things going on in the house today. There were special guests on the show, and one person was eliminated in a very sad way. Let’s see what’s going on in the house today.

Friend For Life and No Friendship

Nagarjuna talked to the other people in the house about being friends. He told the other people in the house to choose who will be their lifelong friend and who won’t be their friend outside. Then the housemates chose different people and told Nagarjuna why they want to stay friends with or stop being friends with that person.

HIT-2 Team Promotions

As a way to get the word out about Koddi burra, Nagarjuna asked the housemates to draw a scary picture and write Koddi burra under it. The housemates won’t say who wrote this, and then Nagarjuna brought Adivi Sesh onto the stage and had him talk to the housemates. Then Nagarjuna told Sesh to find out who wrote the Koddi burra and the diagram.

Then Sesh did some simple research, and in the end he said that Revanth was the one who drew the diagram, which was true. After Meenakshi Choudhary, the movie’s director, Sailesh, came out to talk about it. The housemates and they played a game called “grab the gift.” The segment was both funny and interesting.

Posters for the housemates

After the HIT 2 team left, Nagarjuna and the other housemates played a game where they had to guess the name of a movie. After the name of the movie is revealed, Bigg Boss makes posters for each housemate based on how they act and what they are like. Even this part was pretty good, and the housemates had a lot of fun in it.

Faima eliminated from the house

Adi Reddy and Faima were the last two people to be kicked out. After a short wait, Nagarjuna told everyone that Faima is leaving the house. Adi Reddy was a little sad after being kicked out.

After Faima walked onto the stage, both Nagarjuna and Faima saw her journey. After that, Nagarjuna asked to choose who was the most fun and who was the most upset. Because of this, Faima said that everyone is having fun except Revanth.

That was the end of Sunday Funday. The 14th week will be the most important one for the housemates, so it should be interesting.

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