Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 December 1st, 2022 Written Updates: Roll Baby Roll

Again, Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 is getting close to the weekend, and with each task, the race for the ticket to the finale gets harder. The housemates are in for a lot of interesting discussions, good news, and other things. Let’s see what went on in the house.

Roll Baby Roll

As part of the race for the ticket to the finale, the housemates must decide who will play the game. The game was played by Keerthi, Faima, Srihan, and Rohith. In this game, the players have to roll towards the bricks and pick one up. They then have to roll back to the starting point and put the brick down. The winner of this game will be the person who builds the tallest brick building. The task went very well, and Srihan won this game. Keerthi was clearly not happy with what Satya and Inaya chose to do. She thought they were favouring one team over another in the game.

Balance the egg

Balance the egg on the plate was another fun thing to do in the house. In this game, everyone in the house has to hold a plate with an egg on it. Then they have to go through the ropes. The winner is the person who gets to the end without dropping the egg. Revanth lost this task, and the sanchalaks’ decision made him angry.

As the game goes on, players will be kicked out based on their points and how well they play. There is a lot of competition, and we need to find out who will win this game.

Revanth and Anvitha should be happy. They are lucky to have a girl.

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