Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 November 19th, 2022 Written Updates: Nagarjuna demands answers

Another week of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 is over, and since it’s the weekend, Nagarjuna talked to the housemates about different things going on in the house. Let’s find out what happened today in the house.

Nagarjuna addressed some issues in the house

This week, Nagarjuna came to the show without a song to sing. He and the crowd were saddened by the death of the superstar Krishna, and they all said prayers for his soul. After that, Nagarjuna talked to the other people in the house about the problems and fights that were going on.

He told a story about a man and his beliefs before getting into the discussion. After he told the story, he said he would tell who that man was. Then Nagarjuna told Revanth how happy he was that he was now captain of the house for the second time. He said that Revanth deserves to be the captain of the house more than anyone else. He gave Revanth, Srihan, and Faima high marks for doing their best in the log lifting task.

Adireddy argues with Nagarjuna

Nagarjuna told Adireddy about how he planned to do things. He said that by finding the loops in the game, he is using his thoughts to control everyone. Then Nagarjuna talked about what was going on with Revanth. Nagarjuna showed a video of Adi Reddy, Rohith, and Revanth talking about who they should vote for. Revanth made it clear that it was your wish, and I’m fine with that. But Adi Reddy made it work against him by turning it around.

He kept telling me that if what I said was wrong, I would have to leave the house. He said it twice this week, which also made Nagarjuna unhappy. After that, he talked about how Adi Reddy didn’t do the task to get a free pass to stay in the game.

Adi Reddy tried to argue with Nagarjuna about the Eviction Free Pass and other issues, but everyone in the house thought it was important to take part in the Bigg Boss task, and Adi Reddy’s failure to do so was what led to his elimination this week.

After things had calmed down in the house, Nagarjuna told the other housemates to give each contestant a meme. This part was funny and interesting at the same time. Nagarjuna also kept Adi Reddy and Srihan from being nominated in this way.

According to the most recent rumours, Marina is out of the house. Tomorrow, let’s see what goes on in the house.

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