Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 November 18th, 2022 Written Upates: Faima wins the eviction free pass

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 is almost over for another week, and Revanth, who got immunity for the next week, is the new captain of the house. Raj also got to stay out of trouble because he wrote a unique number on the check that will be taken out of the prize money. Now, Bigg Boss gave the housemates another chance to get a free pass from being kicked out. Let’s find out what happened today in the house.

Press the buzzer for eviction

Bigg Boss said there will be competition for the free pass to stay in the house. In this game, the housemates must press the buzzer to be chosen for the free pass to leave the house. In each round, a certain amount will be shown on the screen. If they are willing to take the amount from the cash prize, they have to press the buzzer. In this game, Revanth, Srihan, and Faima all pressed the buzzer and moved on to the next round.

Heavy weight on the shoulders

In this free pass from being kicked off the show, the contestants have to lift a big stick up onto their shoulders. Then, in each round, the other housemates have to run to the sandbags and pick one up. The person who picks up the one can hang the sandbag on the stick of the person they don’t want to support. Most of the housemates chose Revanth and Srihan, which put more and more pressure on them.

They had a hard time keeping the stick on their shoulders at one point. First Srihan dropped the stick, and then Revanth dropped it a few minutes later. So, Faima didn’t have to leave the house. Revanth and Srihan did everything they could to keep playing. They were sent to the medical room when the game was over.

Tomorrow, we’ll have to see how Nagarjuna will deal with the other issues in the house.

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