Bigg Boss Telugu Vote News Contestants List Videos Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 November 20th, 2022 Written Updates: Marina Eliminated

The sixth week of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 is over, and the Sunday Funday episode is now on the air after the heated arguments and small fights on Saturday. Let’s see what’s going on in the house today.

The Bigg Boss House’s Bottom Five

Nagarjuna called each housemate one by one into the confession room and asked them what they thought about the bottom five people in the Bigg Boss house. Everyone in the house went into the room and said what they thought. What they didn’t know was that their analysis could be heard by the other housemates from outside. After the segment was over, Nagarjuna said that Marina, Inaya, Rohith, Raj, and Keerthi are the five people in the house who are in the bottom five.

He also said that things in the house might change if the top five don’t play the game right. They can get where they are without much trouble. That’s how close the game is in the house right now.

Pick up the Bone

After that part, the housemates went out to the garden to play “Pick up the Bone.” The house was split into two teams, and in the middle of the circle, a big bone was kept. The winner will be the first person to run toward the circle, get the bone, and run back to their zone. They can also try to stop the other person. It was a short game, and Srihan team won the task in this game.

Marina eliminated

This week’s last person to be kicked off was a tie between Inaya and Marina. After some confusion at first, Nagarjuna told everyone in the house that Marina is going home. Rohith had a lot of feelings. After Marina got on stage, she was asked to choose who was pure and who was not. In the pure, she chose Raj, Revanth, Rohith, Keerthi, and Adi Reddy. Inaya, Faima, Srihan, and Sri Satya in the impure.

That was the end of the Sunday Funday episode, and tomorrow nominations will happen in the house. Most likely, these are the last people who will be put forward in the house. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

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