Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 November 17th, 2022 Written Updates: The new captain of the house Revanth

The sixth week of Bigg Boss Telugu is almost over, and this week was both different and interesting. There have been many arguments and fights between friends, and a new captain has also been named. Let’s find out what happened today in the house.

Protect your goal

This week, Revanth, Adi Reddy, Rohith, Inaya, and Srihan are all in the running for captain. The housemates picked their captains for the week in most of the captaincy contender games. But this time, things were very different. Bigg Boss gave the people who wanted to be the captain of the house an interesting task.

There will be one ball and five goals in this game. The players have to protect their goal. They can go after other players individually or work together to get rid of them all. The contenders tried to get Revanth by saying he was getting rough again, but this time Revanth was completely focused and ready to play the game.

Faima tried to get his attention away from Adi Reddy by yelling at him. But Revanth did everything right and was taken out. The contestants did their best because there won’t be a captain in the house after this week and next. So, they have to do whatever they can in these two weeks to keep themselves from being eliminated.

As the game went on, there were many ups and downs. Revanth finally won the game and became the house captain for the second time.

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