Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Episode 7 Day 6 Highlights

The first weekend episode of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 has started, and Nagarjuna Akkineni is back on the show. In this episode, Nagarjuna told how he felt about the other people in the house. Before he met the housemates, Nagarjuna asked the audience what they thought about sending Geethu to prison by nominating her as the worst performer.

Some people in the crowd said that she should be sent to prison. Then Nagarjuna talked to the other people in the house.

Nagarjuna’s first review

Nagarjuna liked some of the performances of the housemates and didn’t like others. He did this by giving thumbs up and thumbs down. Nagarjuna told Faima that she should do more in the house instead of being in the group and putting herself down.

He also talked to Sudeepa about how she could be more outgoing and stop being seen as Pinky in the house. He wants her to act more like herself at home.

Nagarjuna told Adi Reddy not to get involved in whatever was going on. He said that this is not a review video for YouTube. He wanted Adi Reddy to first pay attention to the game.

Nagarjuna told Revanth to be more mature and calm in the house. He also told Arohi to stop coming to the house with ideas about what will happen. Nagarjuna was a little upset with Chanti because he wasn’t himself in the house. He wanted him to be the one who made everyone in the house laugh and smile.

Nagarjuna also told Keerthi not to let someone else make her change her mind. He was also able to get the couple in the house to agree with him, and he helped them work out their small disagreements. He told Geethu to tell him about what she does. He wanted other people living in the house to take part and show the audience that they were there.

We all saw that the housemates had picked up some intuition cards before they went into the house. Based on what, the housemates have to say who they are and what their traits are. In this, the traitor was Revanth, and Geethu was clever.

Those who are safe to compete this week

This week, Sri Satya and Chalaki Chanti are the most likely to win.

Contestants in danger zone

This week, the contestants in danger are Inaya Sulthana and Abhinaya Sri. Tomorrow, someone will be kicked out of the house, and we have to find out who will be the first one to go.

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