Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Episode 8 Day 7 Highlights

We all know that Sunday is Funday in the Bigg Boss house, but there will also be an elimination during this episode. But the first week of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 has a twist. Let’s find out what happened at home.

The Week’s Star

The people in charge came up with a new term called “Star of the week.” Every week, a new star will move into the house. The contestants played a game this time to see how well they know each other. Nagarjuna asked everyone in the house questions about themselves, and whoever answered the questions right got a point. Baladitya answered a lot of questions in this game. He was the star of the week and got a special gift basket.

Song and Thing

The item and the song were the most fun parts of the house. In this game, Nagarjuna split the house into two teams and showed each team an item. Based on the item, each team had to guess the song. This task was won by team A, which was made up of Revanth, Chanti, Sri Satya, Abhinaya, Marina, Rohith, Arjun, Keerthi, Shani, and Inaya.

Three were in danger, and they were upset.

Nagarjuna asked the other people in the house to tell the police about Arohi Rao, Inaya Sulthana, and Abhinaya, who were in danger. Fourteen of the 18 contestants had something to say about Inaya. After that, she was very upset, so she went to her bedroom and cried.

The big change is that no one is kicked off in the first week.

Since this is the first week in the house and voting only started on Wednesday, Bigg Boss has decided that no one will be kicked out. This is the same time that happens in every season of Bigg Boss, and Nagarjuna wished them all luck and said goodbye. But there has been talk that in the second week, two people will be sent home.

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