Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Episode 6 Day 5 Highlights

After a lot of hard work with the nominations and the task of choosing the captaincy candidates. Now, the house will keep voting for the first captain of the house. This week, there are six people who want to be captain, and the task was very interesting. Let’s look at what went on in the house today.

The house’s first captain.

Six people competed to be captain, and the task for being captain is called “Captaincy Bandi.” The housemates have to find the right key and open the box for this task. The winner and captain of the house is the person who finds the right key.

Geethu was the first to finish this task, but she did it unfairly, so the other housemates were very upset with her. Most of the other housemates didn’t like how she played the game, so things went wrong in the house.

The most controversial thing that happened in the house was when she said that if she hides something in her shirt, she wouldn’t mind at all if a male contestant put their hand in her shirt and took it out. This statement made a lot of people angry, especially the women in the house.

After many fights and problems in the house, finally. Baladitya was chosen to be the first captain of the house.

This week’s worst performer.

Because of what she said and what she did during the captaincy task, she was sent home. Geethu had the worst grades of the week, so she was sent to jail.

Tomorrow, the show’s host Nagarjuna will come on and talk about what’s been going on all week. We’ll have to wait and see what happens in the house tomorrow.

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