Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Episode 5 Day 4 Highlights

Everyone thought the house would calm down after the nominations, but there was a big fight in the episode. Let’s find out what happened today in the house.

In today’s episode, Chanti and Geetu talked to each other. Geetu got mad at her when she said that Chanti wasn’t talking. He told Geetu that there will come a time when she won’t understand what other people say to her.

On the other side, Baladtiya brought up the fact that Inaya was making fun of his body in front of everyone. But Inaya said right away that Baladitya wasn’t making fun of her body; instead, he was complimenting her.

The two of them were singing the same old song.

Even in the first week, Marina and Rohit are having trouble. She told Arohi that he didn’t visit her at night. He just grabbed her hand and then left her. Rohit then asked, “What do you want to do before you go to sleep?” There are clear signs that they are fighting in the house.

Picking the candidates for captain.

The process of choosing the captain candidates began. Geethu and Revanth got into some fights with each other. After a lot of talking, it was decided that Sreehan, Baladitya, Revanth, and Sudeepa could be candidates for captain.

But when it came to the race for captain, the mass team stood together and decided that RJ Surya, Marina Rohit, and Baladitya are all candidates.

On the other hand, Marina started saying that Rohit is supporting Sri Satya and made a big deal about it in the house.

After that, Arohi and Revanth fought inside the house. She became more aggressive and said that she would do the hotstar task. But she did not do well at all. The Sree Satya team did a great job, and the Arohi team lost the task.

Because of this, Revanth told Arohi, “Now you see what happened to your attitude.” Arohi was very sad, so she started to cry. RJ Surya gave her a hug to make her feel better, and then she calmed down.

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