Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 November 30th, 2022 Written Updates: Ticket to finale continues

Season 6 of Bigg Boss Telugu is in its 13th week, and the housemates are competing for the tasks that will get them to the finale. At the beginning of the game, Satya, Inaya, and Keerthi all left. Yesterday, Bigg Boss gave them a chance. Let’s find out what happened today in the house.

Keerthi Back In The Game

Bigg Boss gave Inaya, Sri Satya, and Keerthi another chance to catch up in the race for the ticket to the finale. In this game, they all have to wear white T-shirts and rub red paint on the backs of the other players by putting it on their palms. The person whose T-shirt has the most colours will be out of the race. In the first round, Inaya and Keerthi played well, and Sri Satya was taken out of the game because of it.

It was clear that Sri Satya didn’t like what happened in the game. She felt like they were going after her. Then, in the second round, Inaya and Keerthi faced off against each other, and the task went very well. After the final buzzer, Revanth said that Keerthi had won, and she is now back in the game.

Race For The Top 5

Bigg Boss said that the people who are still in the house will be given different tasks. They have to stay in the top five, and whoever is in the top one when the tasks are over will get to go to the finale. All of the housemates did their best in the game, and the tasks went well. Then came the twist: Bigg Boss said that they would have to vote together to get rid of one of the contestants. All of the housemates couldn’t give up on the game, so they asked Bigg Boss to help them.

Balance Is The Key To Win

Then Bigg Boss gave the housemates another fun task, which was to keep bowls, cups, and plates balanced on top of each other. All of these things will be put on a stick, and they will only be able to use one hand to keep the stick balanced. Inaya is the game’s sanchalak. When she says to add another bowl, cup, or plate to the stack, you do so. It’s up to the people who live there. If they fall, they’re no longer in the game. Adi Reddy won the game in this task.

Adi Reddy has 9 points, Revanth has 8 points, Srihan has 6 points, Rohith has 1 point, Keerthi has 2 points, and Faima has 5 points. These 5 people are in the top 5 and will go to the finale. We need to wait and see how far the game goes and who gets the ticket.

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