Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 November 11th, 2022 Written Updates: Inaya sent into the jail

Another week has passed on Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6, and this week there were a lot of debates, fights, and other interesting things. Let’s find out what happened today in the house.

Adi Reddy-Inaya Fight

Satya, Faima, and Adi Reddy were the only ones left in the captaincy contenders game. Adi Reddy and Faima tried to get Satya to fall in love with them because Satya had more beans in her bag. But Satya kept going, and Adi Reddy was taken out of the game. Then Satya said that she was being targeted, so Inaya said that Adi Reddy is helping Faima become captain.

They both kept yelling at each other. Adi Reddy said he wanted to be captain and didn’t back Faima in this game, but Inaya kept bugging him, and they got into a fight that was a little annoying.

The week’s worst performer

Bigg Boss then told the housemates to pick the person who had done the worst job that week. The other people in the house chose Inaya as the worst performer and sent her to jail. The Revanth is turning against Srihan and Sri Satya, which is another interesting thing to notice. We need to find out how far this segment goes.

The voting lines are getting closer, and there are rumours that this week there will be two people who are sent home.

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