Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 October 29th, 2022 Written Updates: RJ Surya Eliminated

The sixth week of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 is over, and this week, the host Nagarjuna was on fire. He didn’t give the other people in the house any chance to talk about themselves. There is also something shocking about the episode. Let’s look at what went on inside the house.

Nagarjuna fire on Geethu

After watching Friday’s episode, Nagarjuna talked to the other people in the house right away. He didn’t like how the game turned out. He started by talking to Adi Reddy and Geethu. When Nagarjuna and Adi Reddy were talking about the review, it was about their game. Geethu tried to get in the middle again. Nagarjuna had already told her once not to get in the middle. This is the second time he has told her to be careful.

Nagarjuna said that a sanchalak is like an umpire and shouldn’t be playing the game. Geethu then said that she wanted to spice up the game. Then Nagarjuna asked, “Who are you to spice up the game?” The game will be taken care of by Bigg Boss and the team. He was very angry about how Geethu played the game.

Captain Srihan was asked by Nagarjuna to punish her. When Srihan told her to wash the dishes as a punishment, she said she has OCD and can’t clean other people’s dishes. Then Nagarjuna told her to choose between washing the dishes and cleaning the bathroom. She chose to clean the bathroom. Until Bigg Boss tells her to do something else, she has to clean the bathroom.

After that, Nagarjuna talked to the other people in the house about the game they were playing and asked them to give points to the person who played the game with them.

RJ Surya eliminated

After Nagarjuna’s long talk with the other housemates. Nagarjuna told the people who were chosen to stand up. Since everyone is putting themselves forward, everyone stood up. Then Nagarjuna said that today there is direct elimination and there will be no saving process. He was holding a scroll, and whoever’s name was on it was out of the game.

RJ Surya’s time in the house is over. All of them cried for him: Inaya, Faima, Raj, Revanth, and Keerthi. After he was kicked off, especially Inaya cried a lot. He will come to the stage and talk to the housemates on Sunday’s show. That was the end of the Saturday episode.

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