Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 October 30th, 2022 Written Updates: An eventful evening

The sixth week of Bigg Boss Telugu has passed, and Sunday is Funday in the house. But before that, there have been some interesting things going on in the house, and there have also been ads for the upcoming movie. Let’s find out what happened today in the house.

Flower and Fire

Yesterday, Surya was kicked out of the house right away. The other housemates are still shocked that one of the most versatile housemates has been kicked out. Nagarjuna and RJ Surya watched the video of the journey, and then Nagarjuna told him to pick the fire and flower in the house. He picked Flower for Revanth, Geethu, Srihan, and Bala Aditya. Fire for Keerthi, Raj, Faima, and Inaya. Then Surya said goodbye to the house.

Like, Share, and Subscribe Movie Promotions

Faria Abdullah and Santosh Sobhan came to the house to promote the movie. The housemates played a game where they had to guess the name of a song. This time, team Revanth won. The actors talked about their movie and how they look up to Nagarjuna.

No one goes home on Sunday

Even though Surya was kicked out of the house, Nagarjuna saved the other people who were in danger. Adi Reddy and Marina played in the last round. After keeping everyone on edge for a while, Nagarjuna said that no one would be kicked out of the house. Today’s episode ended with that.

There will be nominations tomorrow, and things will heat up. Keep an eye on this website for more news:

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