Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 October 26th 2022 Written Updates: Geethu’s gameplay

The fish task in the house is going well. It was hard work, and the game reached its highest point. Geethu was out of the game after the first round. But she makes up her own rules for the game and plays it her way. Today, she got a cool ability in the game. Let’s look at what went on inside the house.

Sanchalak is played by Geethu and Adi Reddy

Geethu found a black fish in the pool while the morning song was playing. She carried it with her, but no one noticed. Then, Geethu and Marina got into a fight about the game. Geethu is really making Marina’s mind hurt. She’s saying that she’s not going after anyone in particular, but that it’s just part of the game. But it doesn’t look like that outside.

Bigg Boss made Geethu and Adi Reddy Sanchalaks as the game went on today. Geethu then began making up her own rules for the game. Even though the other people in the house were against it, she didn’t change her mind at all. Even though she wasn’t in the game, she started collecting the fish.

Then Adi Reddy came on stage and fought against her. He told her that the other people in the house can take the fish away from her. Geethu and Adi Reddy got into an argument. But Adi Reddy kept his cool and used strategy to beat Geethu in the game.

The Advantage of Black Fish

Bigg Boss said that there is a black fish in the house after the task was done. Then Geethu got that Black fish and showed it to Bigg Boss. Then Bigg Boss said that she has the power to switch a couple’s fish with another couple’s fish. She used a plan to win the game. She switched the fish that Revanth and Inaya had for the fish that Srihan and Sri Satya had. Then Bala Aditya and Marina had the least number of fish. That’s why they were kicked out of the game.

Revanth got mad and said that she didn’t know how to play the game right. Even Inaya yelled at her, but Geethu’s smart moves let her kill two birds with one stone. Even though she is smart about how she plays the game, mentally torturing someone doesn’t look good from the outside. We have to wait until the weekend episode to see how Nagarjuna will handle this.

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