Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 October 25th, 2022 Written Updates: Catch the Fish

The sixth season of Bigg Boss Telugu is now in its second week. After a fun round of nominations in the house. This week, Bigg Boss came up with another interesting task. In the house, a lot of strange and interesting things happened. Let’s find out what happened today in the house.

Get the Fish

Bigg Boss gave “Chepala Cheruvu” the task of winning the race for captaincy. In this game, the housemates had to pair up and try to catch as many fish as they could. The fish kept falling into the garden area. At the end of each round, the couple with the fewest fish will be out of the competition.

In the time between buzzer rounds, the couples can challenge themselves and catch more fish. This game was between Surya and Vasanthi, Revanth and Inaya, Srihan and Sri Satya, Baladitya and Marina, Adireddy and Geethu, Rohit and Keerthy, and Raj and Faima.

Geethu’s plans didn’t work out

Geethu has said before that she couldn’t do the task as well as the other housemates because she wasn’t as strong. Then she told Adi Reddy that they should do what they had planned and make Revanth angry. If Revanth gets mad, Inaya won’t be able to catch the fish. Geethu tried to carry out her plans by stealing the fish from Vasanthi. Surya stopped her, though.

Some of the other people in the house looked up Adi Reddy and stole fish from Geethu. Then Geethu started to say things that made Rohit and Marina angry. She said that no one is as brave as she is. Geethu said that everyone in the house will be her target. But in the end, Geethu and Adi Reddy had the least amount of fish, so they were kicked out of the game. Then Geethu cried because he was out after the first round.

Golden Fish

A golden fish was kept in the game by Bigg Boss. Getting the golden fish will help you win the game. Revanth, who led the game so well, won that gold fish, which made their game have more fish.

Surya-Vasanthi and Sri Satya-Srihan lost points because they jumped into the pool without taking it out first.

There are some interesting debates going on about the task, and the competition is head to head. We need to find out who will be in the running to be captain this week.

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