Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Episode 34 Day 33 Highlights

Highlights from Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Episode 34, Day 33

Singer Revanth is the new captain of the house, and we hope to see some exciting things in the house from this week on. The voting lines are no longer open, and soon there will also be eliminations. Chanti, Baladitya, and Marina are in danger right now. We need to find out who will be out this week.

The task for the luxury budget.

Bigg Boss split the housemates into two groups for this week’s luxury budget task. In this task, they have to play tug-of-war. Two people from each team will be tied together, and they will have to pick up some things and put them in their bowls. This job’s sanchalak is Revanth. During this game, there was a fight between Revanth and Chanti.

Revanth had just told the people there, “Okay, get ready…” He didn’t say them to start the game, though. Chanti and Revanth had a fight about this, but in the end, Chanti’s team won the luxury budget task and got everything straightened out.

The Cool Guy loses his cool

Bala Aditya is known for being very calm and collected. First time I got angry in the house. When Revanth and Chanti fought about the problem. Bala Aditya tried to make them stop fighting.

Then Geethu said something that made him feel really bad, so he started yelling at her. Bala Aditya yelling at her like that really surprised the other people in the house. He said that everything has a limit, and she has gone over that limit.

Tomorrow is the weekend episode, so we’ll see how Nagarjuna handles the problems in the house.

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