Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Episode 33 Day 32 Highlights

Highlights from Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Episode 33, Day 32

There were a lot of fun and interesting things that happened in the house today, and we have a new captain for this week. Some dangers were missed, and there were also some sad moments in the house. People had different thoughts about Episode 32. So, let’s look at what went on in the house today.

There were some sad times in the house

As Bigg Boss’s birthday party is still going on. Bigg Boss gave the housemates a task that made them feel something. As much as possible, the housemates have tried to keep up with the Bigg Boss tasks. Bigg Boss gave them a chance to say what they want from him in return. During this time, everyone in the house felt sad. Even though there was sadness and quite a few teary-eyed moments, this part was a little dull.

There’s a new captain in town

The captaincy game started before. Vasanthi, Rohit, and Marina were talking about who might be the next captain. They felt like they did their best this week, but they weren’t picked for the captaincy game. Vasanthi thought that they were playing for the audience, and that the audience would be able to tell who was being honest.

Revanth, Geethu, and Surya were the top three candidates for captain in the game. They have to use the axe to cut down the trees. The new captain of the house will be the person who finishes the task first. The job kept getting more interesting, and as Revanth was cutting the wood, the axe flew out of his hands and landed right in front of Inaya.

That was just a miss in the game, and it came at the end of a tough match. Revanth won the task and became the house’s new captain. As he is not on the list of nominees for this week either, he will also be safe next week.

The people who were nominated are a little worried because they didn’t get to play the game much. Now that the voting is almost over, Faima, Chanti, Aditya, and Marina are in trouble. So go to the official website now and vote for the contestants you like best.

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