Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Episode 19 Day 18 Highlights

Highlights from Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Episode 19 Day 18

The captaincy contenders game for Bigg Boss Telugu has ended, and the captaincy contenders have also been chosen. Today, a lot of funny and interesting things happened in the house. Let’s take a look at them, shall we?

This week’s candidates for captain

Geethu is the first person to run for captaincy because she did well as a businesswoman. Since Sri Satya had the golden coconut, she was the next person who could be captain.

Adi Reddy and Faima from the police team stepped up for the captaincy game. From the team of thieves, Srihan became a candidate for captain.

Get the Pyramid built

Build the Pyramid was the captaincy game. The task has two levels, and those running for captaincy have to build a pyramid out of bricks. The other housemates will then throw balls at the pyramid, and those running for captaincy have to stop them.

Geethu was out of the game at the end of phase 1 because she couldn’t build the pyramid. Faima was out of the game because she defended the pyramid with her hands. The game is now only being played by Srihan, Adi Reddy, and Sri Satya.

Inaya was the best part of the night


Revanth was the sanchalak for the game, and when Faima used her hands, he kicked her out. Then Inaya stepped forward and said that Srihan had also used his hands. Then Srihan said, “Revanth, you make your own choice,” and he said Pitta in the process. Then Inaya found out about it and started fighting with Srihan. Geethu stood by Srihan, and the fight went on all night. Tomorrow, we’ll get a new captain, so let’s see what goes on in the house.

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