Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Episode 18 Day 17 Highlights

Highlights of Day 17 of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Episode 18

The Bigg Boss captaincy contenders game is still going on in the house for the third week, and a lot of interesting things have happened during this task. Let’s take a look at what happened in the house.

Geethu Smart Play-Smart

Geethu is doing a great job playing the part of a businesswoman for the task. Even though the game went in several different directions, she never lost her cool. She followed all the rules and did a great job at the game. Even though her roommates stole her food and batteries, she played the game well and became almost impossible to beat.

The Uprising of Revanth

When Revanth put some of the toys in the hallway at night. Neha, Arohi, and Sudeepa took his toys and didn’t say a word. When Revanth woke up, someone had taken his toys. He said some not-very-good things, and then he decided to switch sides.

Both Inaya and Keerthi fight

The best part of this episode was when Keerthi and Inaya fought. For the raid, it was part of Inaya’s job to go inside the house. When they were done robbing, they tried to stop her from leaving. As they did this, they pushed her down and pulled her into the house. But the other people in the house stopped them, and when Inaya stood up, she thought Keerthi had hurt her. Then they got into a few heated arguments, but then they both calmed down.

The police team will do the job

141 toys were put away in the task. When the task was over, Geethu had 51 toys, the thieves had 19, and the police had 71 toys. Which meant they did a good job. This week, Geethu and Sri Satya are the first two people who want to be captain.

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