Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Episode 16 Day 15 Highlights

Highlights from Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Episode 16 Day 15

Now that Sunday Funday is over, it’s time for the Monday nominations, which are the most exciting and interesting part of the week. As the nominations went on, there were heated arguments, and some people are also in danger. Let’s find out what happened today in the house.

For nominations, paint the face Red

As part of the nomination process for Bigg Boss, Bigg Boss kept a bowl of red paint in the garden area. The contestants had to rub the red paint on the faces of two people they wanted to nominate. Raj Shekhar can’t be chosen because he is the captain of the house.

As soon as the first minute was over, people started arguing, and the segment got more interesting.

Large-scale fights in the house

First, Vasanthi and Neha fought in the house when Vasanthi put Neha on the block because Neha gave her the worst tag during the weekend episode.

Next, Geethu argued with Neha that she wasn’t a good Sanchalak in the house. But Neha came back and said that she didn’t agree with Geethu.

Even Inaya and Geethu fought. Inaya said that Geethu had taken her clothes rack and wouldn’t let her put her clothes away. At the same time, Inaya had a fight with Adi Reddy. She said that Adi Reddy was ready when he got to the house. Adi Reddy was very angry about this.

Adi Reddy said that nobody in the house comes fully ready and that the Bigg Boss reality show is like an open book. But Inaya kept going back and forth about the same thing. Then Adi Reddy lost his temper and said that he would throw the bowl of red paint on the floor if she didn’t stop talking like that.

Rajashekhar and Arohi put Baladitya’s name forward, saying that he is playing it safe by showing his best side.

Geethu chose Sudeepa because, he said, she didn’t clean up the tissues she threw around the house. For the first time, Sudeepa got very upset. She argued with Geethu that she wasn’t feeling well during the emotional episode, but that Geethu had forgotten that.

Chanti and Geethu also had disagreements about how to act in public.

This week, Vasnathi, Inaya, Arohi, Neha, Geethu, Chanti, Srihan, Revanth, and Baladitya have been chosen as contestants. Vasanthi, Inaya, Srihan, and Arohi are among the contestants who could be in danger this week. Because they haven’t done much better or worse in the last few weeks.

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